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Sex Toys Attachment

You might not realize how attached you are to your sex toys but before you defend this attachment, you have to find out that it is normal and you are not alone. This comes even more natural if you find the sexual satisfaction that you need based on your sex toys and accessories and this can make up for a very exciting sex life to share with your partner, if you happen to be in a relationship. However, if you are single, sex toys might be your best friends and that only means that you have a great imagination and you know how to please yourself which is a great sexual achievement. So, let’s look at some of the main signs that show you are having a high sex toys attachment and a very stimulating sexual life!

1. You spend more time with your sex toys than you spend with your partner

With all the options the market offers nowadays, this can be true for so many couples worldwide, especially those that are into BDSM practices. The best BDSM scenes are based on interesting sex toys and sexual stimulating devices like nipple clamps, electro-stimulating devices or different types of butt plugs. You can incorporate these toys in so many sexual encounters and you can make every experience be even more exciting! Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to rely on your sexual arsenal when you want to reach a high level of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. We live in an era of sexual diversity and you should enjoy all its aspects the best way you can.

2. You are single and only find sexual satisfaction in your sexual arsenal

If you are single and don’t have so many affairs or one night stands, your sex toys might be quite important for you and that is a great thing because you can find your sexual satisfaction outside a relationship. This is not something that many people can do! Single life has its advantages such as staying open to new sexual practices and toys that appear on the market. If you want to try a new orgasm belt, you can feel free to try it when and how you want and such a device can give you some serious sexual satisfaction, more than you ever expected!

3. Your sex toys are your first choice when you need some kinky action

If this statement is true for you, you are in a deep and exciting relationship with your sexual arsenal! When you feel horny at your work place do you use the dildo that is in your purse? If so, you are very connected to it and you know how to use it to satisfy your deepest needs. The same logic goes for all your sex toys that are a must when you want to reach a fast and intense orgasm! And when you reach the level that allows you to find the sexual satisfaction by simply using your toys, you also reached sexual freedom because the next orgasm is right there in your hands to be accomplished as long as you know how to do it and what to rely on. And when a partner will come along, you will know exactly how to introduce them into your kinky little world and chances are that you will have a very intense sexual life. So, don’t worry, just because you find your sexual satisfaction exclusively by using your sex toys in the present, doesn’t mean that you will not have a great relationship in the future!

If any of the signs above apply to you, you are in an attached relationship with your sex toys and you are well aware of your sexual needs. Many people don’t get to be so in touch with their body and their sexuality so this is quite an accomplishment considering how much some tend to rely on others to find sexual satisfaction!

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