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Sex Toys that Every Mistress Should Have

Being a mistress can be a very exciting role but also a high responsibility when it comes to your sexual life and the common satisfaction of both you and your partner. Which is why being a good mistress comes after some experience and knowing the right sex toys and accessories that you can use in order to increase the sexual pleasure and satisfaction of your intimate encounters. Your slave relies on you completely and they are going to obey your wishes as much as possible which is why you need to know not only what you want but how to obtain it. Let’s look at some basic sex toys and accessories that you should have, as a professional mistress!

1. Impact play tools

When it comes to impact play BDSM session, you will perform these types of sexual encounters often as a mistress. If you want to discipline or punish your slave, you will use impact play scenes before anything else. First things you need to have are several spanking paddles. Several of them because you will want to adapt them to the sex scene that you are setting up and to the level of intensity that you are planning to apply on your submissive partner. Whips and floggers are also very popular and useful when you want to perform a professional session of impact play. And even if the most impact play toys and accessories are made of quality leather, you can easily find quality vegan gear nowadays as well so there are options for everyone.

2. Bondage styles accessories

As a mistress you will have many chances to apply several bondage styles on your slave and you will need the right gear to do that. You can get armbinders, harnesses and straps to keep your slave in place while you take control over other parts of their body and induce some intense sensations for them. When it comes to bondage, you can use your imagination and creativity and adapt them to your slave’s needs and your sexual fantasies in order to be a great mistress. You can even combine more bondage styles over time and incorporate them in more complex sexual fetishes to have amazing BDSM scenes.

3. Chastity toys

Chastity toys are very popular among BDSM couples and you can also use them for orgasm control fetishes so they are quite an investment. Orgasm belts are very useful when you want to stimulate your submissive partner and have them enjoy several orgasms one after another. You can find chastity gear for both male and female submissive partners so there is no need to limit your sexual fantasies and practices to one gender or another. Chastity toys for expert mistresses that know and love to control their slave’s sexuality in more than one aspect. It is important to see if your submissive is into this kind of sexual scene also before you start it and have a safe word established just in case things get out of hands. But chances are that your slave will be more than happy to let you have complete control over them so no need to refrain your sexual instincts!

Mistresses are loved and worshipped by their submissive partners and that stimulates their sexuality and pleases their ego. But you need to know how to induce this kind of love and worship into your slave so that they will be willing to return it to you just the way you want it. Toys and accessories can be the answers to many sexual encounters and a lot of BDSM scenes are based on a variety of sex toys. So, pull out your sexual arsenal and enrich it when you have the occasion. Don’t forget to have a sexy outfit that goes along with the type of BDSM scene that you are planning to perform as the way a mistress is looking is very important for their slave.

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