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Male Chastity $29.95 or Less!

All Bondage Gear for Male Chastity, Cock & Ball Bondage, Urethral Sounds and Penis Plugs for $29.95 or Less! Chastity is the Ultimate Gift for your Mistress and now you can give up control over your cock for less. After all, getting your new favorite male chastity toys shouldn't be the painful part!

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Hand Crafted Leather
0785A Buckling Gates of Hell Cock Cage with Lead Ring
Regular price $ 50.95 $ 27.95
    0780A 5 Gates of Hell
    Regular price $ 37.95 $ 20.95
      Real Leather
      1772HS Stallion Corral Ball Spreader & Stretcher
      Regular price $ 35.95 $ 18.95
        Hand Crafted Leather
        1770A 3 Ring Gates of Hell
        Regular price $ 34.95 $ 18.95