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The Ultimate Guide to Erotic Home Photography


Erotic Home Photography

Taking sexy photos with your lover is an activity that will no doubt create some red-hot heat between the two of you. Aside from its sexual promises—generating an erotic setting which can lead to an extremely heightened state of arousal before you've even touched each other—photographing each other requires a great amount of trust.

Trust, in this way, works kind of like a quiet stimulator, sneaking up on you (and your genitals) If you have enough trust in a relationship to take snap and keep erotic photos of each other, it will likely be even more of a turn-on for both of you, exhibiting your bond in a very tangible way.

**Before getting started, I should remind you that you should never let someone take erotic photos of you if you're at all unsure about it. If you don't completely trust a person, wait until you do, just to be sure.

Whether you're thinking of taking explicitly hot pictures or provocatively coy pictures, here are some general tips so the pictures come out flattering. Even for those of us that aren't sensitive about the way our naked bodies look, traipsing around nude in front of your lover is different than having a still shot of your ass that looks splotchy from something like bad lighting. Of course, one of the best things about an erotic home photography session is that it can be totally spontaneous, especially after you've done it a couple times.

First of all, remove any clutter from the area where the photos will be taken. Too much in the photo other than the subject will be distracting. Something like dishes on the table or an untidy room usually won't add to the appeal. Also, try to use a lot of light for the pictures so you don't have to use the flash (which tends to accent all the wrong areas of a photo). Pictures taken with a level of light that is too low will usually turn out grainy, unless you have a professional camera. For most, a simple digital camera is all you need. So, make sure to use plenty of lamps (spotlight lamps that can face in different directions are great), lots of candles, or sunlight. Candles can work really well to create a glowing essence on the skin, which is highly flattering to areas of the body with lots of curves. Lighting (like candles, or a narrow casting of light through a doorway) can be used to create shadows. And let me tell you, shadows are super sexy. Imagine a picture where certain areas of the body are light but others dark, accentuating curves, producing intensity through the lighting contrast. H-O-T. Next time your lover is alone, they will definitely be looking at these pictures, fantasizing.

Another thing to think about is how to use angles. Photos taken from above the subject can create an extra-sexy appeal, and can produce really provocative results as they generally won't show quite as much. Taken from below, a picture will have the potential to be extremely explicit as those will easily focus on certain erotic areas. *wink*

Speaking of erotic body parts, (now this is a topic we can all agree on! *g*), you'll have to decide on how much you want to show in the pictures. In the age of digital photography, you actually don't have to make a decision one way or the other, as you can take as many different pictures (with changing degrees of nudity) as you like. Variety is great. Take some pictures wearing hot outfits or lingerie.

You can give your photos an artistic edge to even to even the naughtiest of photos with Latex Lingerie. Latex Lingerie is wonderful for photos because not only is it gorgeous, but it outlines your figure and pushes you in and up in all the right places.

Props are another great addition to add to your erotic photos. Have your lover lock you up nude with something like the Forever Locking Steel Rings Slave Cuffs and give your best tortured, submissive look for a red-hot shot. Photos with glass toys tend to work well, as the glass is often crafted to look striking on its own. Try a photo with a colorful vibrator pressed to the lips. Which lips? Well, that's up to you…*g* And suspension bondage has high potential for great pictures, too—arms in the air, locked up tight—portrait of the perfect prisoner.

Erotic home photos are great for getting the night started. And if you've already brought the toys out to use in the photos, you likely won't be putting them away. Plus, the photos will be there for later use—because who doesn't like the idea of their partner getting off while looking at their sexy pictures? I think I might just take a look at some from my collection right now…

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