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Ultimate Guide to Using a Clitoral Pump


How to use a Clitoral Pump

A Guide to Clitoral Pumps

The purpose of a clitoral  pump (also known as a pussy pump) is to enhance a woman's pleasure by creating suction around the clitoris and labia for increased blood flow to the genitals. Things like poor diet and stress can limit proper blood circulation which in effect will dull overall sensation to crucial sensuality areas of the body. The clitoral pump solves this problem, increasing sensation and awareness by moving blood directly to the desired region. Skin around the genitals is already sensitive due to the concentration of nerve endings there, so the results are incredible. The tingle of blood flow stimulates the area, and the nerve endings react, which leads to greater arousal and pleasure. Greater arousal and pleasure? Those words are music to my…ears (and the music doesn't stop at the ears). *g*

So how exactly do the clitoral pumps work? Placing the clitoral pump over the clitoris/labia will create a mild suction through use of a small hand pump. Suction will pull flow of blood to the surface of the labial skin and clitoris, both super-sensitive areas! The clitoris is like a very small penis, so this increased blood flow will cause erection, pushing it out front and center. The increased surface area and easy access will allow for heightened stimulation and greater orgasm potential.


Not only does the clitoral pump work locally to intensify sensitivity to the genital area, it also generates an atmosphere of erotic energy. All those sexual thoughts during the pumping process will do wonders to your level of arousal, and your partner's too! That is unless you're solo—no shame in keeping the pleasure all to yourself sometimes! *giggles*


I mentioned before that clitoral pumps also go by another name: pussy pumps. Don't let this confuse you. Clitoral pumps are not meant for vaginal use. Pumping over the opening or inside of the vagina is not recommended since it will not increase sensation much, if at all, and has the potential to cause injuries. I'm sure I don't have to remind you but I will: sexual injuries are not only extremely unpleasant, but embarrassing, so don't risk it, especially with so much pleasure at stake.


Structure and Action of the Clitoral Pump (so you know what to look for and later, how to use it)

A clitoral pump typically consists of the cylinder cup and a hand pump with a tube made of soft, comfortable materials like gel, rubber, or silicone. The hand pump gives you total control of the suctioning effect. As the clitoris and labia are sucked by the pump, the area will throb. If at any time this becomes too intense, the suction can be stopped immediately by releasing the valve on the tube.

Before using it on your genitals, I suggest familiarizing yourself with how the clitoral pump works. Use it on your thigh so you get a feel for the intensity of sensation and know what to expect on your (more sensitive) clit and labia.  It's also a great idea to get the tissue and skin warm (a hot shower or a warm, wet towel works wonders) to get the blood flowing a bit beforehand. And don't forget to use lubricant! Water-based lubes, (like our Moist Heat Lube), will work best, creating a seal between the cylinder and your skin for maximum sensitivity and pleasure. I'm getting worked up just thinking about it…

Remember, just a little bit of pumping goes a long way. Pumping too much can have the reverse effect, desensitizing (or even numbing) the area instead of increasing sensation. Besides, why not take it slowly and enjoy the whole process? Pause for a minute and begin to take in the heightened sensations. This way you'll know the exact amount of pumping that is right for you. Play around down there with your fingers. If you're not alone, I know both you and your lover would enjoy it if he or she used their mouth on your enlarged clit. The increased size will allow for super easy access to all the right spots…*g*

Once you're a pro with the clitoral pump, the possibilities are endless. A little role-playing maybe? Doctor has a lot of work to do on her patient, but she keeps trying to interfere. It might be time to bring out the handcuffs and spreader bar so she knows who's in charge…

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