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Straps in Leather, Luxe PVC & Rubber

We have bondage straps in so many sizes, colors and different materials. When you want to strap your lover up in bondage straps, the first place to look is! We offer so many beautiful ways to hogtie your bondage slave with straps, make a strap armbinder, bind them to a pole or bedpost, the perfect chair tie and so many other uses.

We've strapped our models into hogties, frog ties, to dollys, carts, bed posts, poles, to trees, even our warehouse shelves! When you're looking for the perfect bondage straps in leather, rubber or luxe pvc in locking bondage straps or non-locking bondage straps styles or in 1" or 2" sizes, these are the perfect bondage straps for you! carries Leather Bondage Straps in 10 leather colors, Rubber Bondage Straps in black and Shiny Luxe PVC Bondage Straps in 5 colors! Wow!

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