Your Ultimate Guides to Mummification


Hot Toys To Enjoy The Best Mummification Fantasy Of Your Life

If you tried mummification for a while or if you are a beginner in this BDSM realm, you should know that there are special sex toys that go perfectly with such a fantasy.


The Charm Of Being Mummified During A Sex Scene

If you never tried mummification or if you are fairly new at this type of fetish, you might wonder what is the beauty of being mummified and why so many couples are eager to try out this fetish in the past years.


What Is Mummification and Why You Should Give It A Try

Mummification might not be the most popular sexual practice but it definitely is one of the most intense fetishes you can experience with your partner. It is the kind of fetish that is destined for advanced bondage enthusiasts.


What to Wear for a Mummification Sexual Encounter

So, you want to enjoy a mummification scene along with your lover but how to get ready for it? And more important, what to wear for such an intimate event?


What Types of Orgasm Will You Achieve During Mummification

If you are temped to try mummification, be ready to enjoy many types of orgasms that will make both you and your lover lose your mind. Here are top three orgasms that you can expect and how you can reach them in the most intense way!


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