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How Sex Can Be Much Better during Winter

Summer sex and winter sex both have their charms and you might find sex enjoyable in any season which it actually is. But there are certain benefits to winter sex that you should definitely take advantage of. And we might even say that there are more benefits to winter sex than any other season has to offer but we will leave this at the subjective preference of each couple. One thing is clear: cold is no longer an enemy when it comes to your sex life and it can make your sexual encounters so much more exciting and intense than you expect it!

1. You can enjoy furry sex toys and accessories more

Pet and pony play is a very popular fetish nowadays, especially within the BDSM community but not only for people who have a thing for dominant-submissive sexual games. And what best season to cover yourself or your partner with furry accessories and sex toys? You can use furry tails and some of them come with a generous size butt plug as well to add some extra pleasure to your sexual encounters and make them hotter than ever! Not to mention the other accessories that match this amazing and exciting fetish to make it easier for you to explore it in as many ways as you can think of.

2. You don’t sweat so easily

Sweat is something that some couples like because they see it as a symbol of sexiness and even a turn on. However, there are couples out there that don’t seem so found of sweaty moments especially during sexual intercourse or sexual stimulation scene. Now during the cold season, the sweat is definitely not a problem for most of us! And the cold is not an issue either! While you engage in intense and exciting sexual encounters with your partner, you will not even realize that you are cold and you will feel hotter than ever, without sweating! You can enjoy multiple sexual stimulation such as nipple clamps, anal sex and even orgasm belts and not worry about sweating out your intense pleasure!

3. Cuddling is a must

Is hard not to enjoy a sweet session of cuddling with your lover. Well, in the summer time when the heat is excessive it might actually be hard because the last thing you want to do when you feel hot is to…cuddle. But during winter, cuddling can be your favorite activity. And there is nothing better than some after sex cuddling under the warm and cozy blankets, now is there? Cuddling also increases the level of intimacy between two partners and it makes you feel more connected with your lover. Sometimes, the emotional balance is kept in place by the sweetest things like cuddling, kissing and sweet small gestures. Sex is a hot benefit that you get to enjoy after all that! So, take advantage of the cold weather and spend some hours under the blankets with your lover!

Sex is a wonderful and exciting adventure no matter the circumstances, season or even the type of sex that you choose to engage in. However, winter sex adds so much more intensity to all that and it can take you on a path of multiple orgasms very easily. Especially since, during cold days, it is always preferable to stay inside where its warm and that creates the perfect circumstances for having one sex scene after another! Every time you feel the cold creeping in just get passionate with your partner and get your blood going! This will make you feel hot and excited in a second and you will not even care how many degrees are outside. Not to mention that winter comes with generous vacations due to the multiple holidays that it offers us so here is even more time for you to enjoy the intimacy of your relationship more than during other seasons!

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