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The Science Behind Sex Dreams

Dreams are a great way that our subconscious side uses to express itself and break into our life. Some people tend to pay more attention to dreams than others but nevertheless, we all have these visions in our sleep. However, sex dreams and erotic images that we get in our sleep might be even more interesting than the rest and that is because they are a way to understand our deepest desires. And some sex dreams can get quite kinky so much that we would be surprised by having them. But it doesn’t matter how much aware we choose to be of our intimate sexual fantasies and desires, they find a way to get out and let their presence known to us, either when we are awake or asleep. So, let’s see at some of the most common meanings that your erotic dreams might have and how you can use them to improve the quality of your intimate life.

1. Kinky dreams reveal a lack of sexual excitement

Fetishes are quite often in erotic dreams. We can have dreams about bondage scenes, or spanking and whipping scenes, or even an on significantly, even in our sleep. This doesn’t just happen! There is something in our sex life that is missing, a lack of enthusiasm and maybe a sexual routine that was established and it is harming our perspective on sexuality in general. When such erotic dreams come to us, we shouldn’t ignore them. Talk with your partner and see what they think about trying orgasm control scene that might turn you some of the fetishes and fantasies that came to you in the form of a dream. And even if they are not on the same page with you, try to spice your sex up a bit and see how you can make it more exciting for both of you. All couples need a change of routine every now and then and a dream like that is a great sign to take some action!

2. Kissing dreams are a sign of poor intimacy

Intimacy doesn’t necessary imply sexual intercourse, but it is just as mandatory for a relationship as sex. Kissing, cuddling, erotic massages, they are all forms of intimacy and you should have moments like that often. Chances are that your lover will enjoy a little spoiling every now and then just as much as you do so why not taking the first step in this direction? Especially if you dream that you kiss your partner, which can be a sign of a lack of intimacy in your relationship.

3. Cheating dreams point to a desire for change

Every now and then we might dream that we are having a sexual encounter with another person instead of our partner. As alarming as this might feel on the moment of experiencing it, and as guilty as we can feel about even dreaming about such a thing, it tends to be quite normal. People don’t like routines and they can get bored if things are not kept entertaining. Chances are that they will be more excited about having a sex scene with a stranger than having one with their constant partner. This happens because our partners become predictable over time and our sexual encounters have no mystery in them anymore. That is, if we don’t make sure to keep the sparkle going. And a dream like this should be a good sign, especially if you enjoy the sexual encounter that you are dreaming about.

Since the language of our dreams is both simple and complex, we should definitely pay attention to them and make sure that we use them in our benefit. Sometimes the denial power is stronger when it comes to our relationships. And being sexually satisfied as well as having a good intimacy are tricky aspects of our personal life that we need to keep an eye on.

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