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Sex Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Besides the common sex facts that you might have discovered on your own or read about in a variety of magazines or maybe heard from your friends, there are certain aspects of sex that never crossed your mind. But these aspects as mind blowing as they can be, are quite true and knowing them can change the importance that you put on your sex life. It is important to be informed and stay informed along the years if you want to adapt and improve your sex life to your physical, mental and intimate needs.

1. Vibrators were invented for medical treatments

Vibrators might be the most common sex toys nowadays, but they weren’t meant to be used during sexual encounters from the beginning. In the Victorian era, women who suffered of hysteria, which was considered to be a serious medical illness, were treated by … masturbation. Doctors used their hands at first but as soon as vibrators came along, their job became a lot easier. Masturbation was considered back then to be a form of treatment and it as applied as such. Now, vibrators have their place along with dildos and orgasm belts when it comes to achieving an intense orgasm during masturbation!

2. Women enjoy orgasm longer

If you didn’t know it is time to find out that a woman’s orgasm can last up to 20 seconds and it can reach high intensity. This is extremely long compared to a man’s orgasm which can last around…six seconds. This could be due to the fact that women have more erogenous zones than men and they can engage in more types of sexual stimulation. Nipple clamps can have a great contribution to a sexual encounter with a woman and they can be the key to a bigasm or a trigasm which can definitely prolong the intensity and the time of a good orgasm.

3. Orgasms are miracles for your health

Having an orgasm is a great way to achieve an exciting pleasure. They can provide you with unique and amazing experiences and can enrich your sex life and your intimate relationship as well. But they also have a variety of health benefits. Orgasms can reduce stress, reduce aging signs and also prolong life…or so it is said by certain specialists who studied sexuality for several years. People who engage in more orgasmic encounters tend to have a lower cancer risk and also a better skin.

4. Sexercise is the best routine ever

Sex actually has the same benefits that a good workout routine does. It burns calories and keeps your body healthy and in shape. And there is no wonder this is happening with all the sexual positions and fetishes that you can engage into with your partner. However, sex is the most pleasant way to burn calories and maintain a healthy life so why bother about other forms of exercising when you can simply…sexercise?

5. Brain turns off during sex

This is left to a high level of interpretation. Brain does changes its functioning mode during sexual stimulation and sexual encounters and that is why it is thought that the brain turns off during such intense experiences. In reality, it just works different and at different values. Your brain releases a high amount of chemicals during your sexual encounters and even more so during orgasms. This affects your entire body including the heart and blood circulation and it also alters your emotional side by releasing hormones that will make you feel happier. However, during sex, your brain will not be in working mode like it usually is an it will not be concerned about your daily, stressful worries or your house chores. It will be more relaxed and focused on your present pleasure which will have a great benefit for the way it functions on the long run. With a reason like this, having sex more often seems to be the best choice that you can make!

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