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Fun Sex Facts

The Root of Sexual Kinkiness
Before we dive into the root of human kinkiness, is important to understand what it means to be sexually kinky. We seem to use the term kinky randomly nowadays and some of us might lack the basic understand of it. So, sexual kinkiness is being interested in unconventional sexual practices that are particular to your individual preferences and fantasies.
Sexual Fantasies that You Don't Know You Are Having
Most of us are aware of our sexual desires, preferences, fetishes and fantasies and we are aiming to reach them in all our sexual encounters, alone or with our partners. But are there are fantasies that we are not aware of or that might not be so obvious for us?
How Sex Can Be Much Better during Winter
Summer sex and winter sex both have their charms and you might find sex enjoyable in any season which it actually is. But there are certain benefits to winter sex that you should definitely take advantage of.
Sex Facts That Will Blow Your Mind
Besides the common sex facts that you might have discovered on your own or read about in a variety of magazines or maybe heard from your friends, there are certain aspects of sex that never crossed your mind.
The Science Behind Sex Dreams
Dreams are a great way that our subconscious side uses to express itself and break into our life. Some people tend to pay more attention to dreams than others but nevertheless, we all have these visions in our sleep.
Sex and Sleep are the Keys of a Happy Life… Say Experts
Studies have shown that even if we are all looking for happiness and how to maintain such an ecstatic state, not many know what are the ingredients of it and we are searching in all the wrong places. The most common misconception about happiness is that it is brought in our life by our financial security or wealth.
Priceless Secrets for Great Sex
Sex can get better the more you use your imagination and it is up to you to make it an unforgettable experience. Between you and your partner, there are many options to be found that can satisfy the deepest of your sexual fantasies and fetishes.
Why Some Men Pay for Sex
Sex is the most common practice worldwide, and it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways because the pleasure obtained by it is very permissive for all genders and sexual orientations. Some men, and rarely some women, tend to exchange money for a good sexual encounter and this is an acceptable form of obtaining sexual pleasure and satisfaction when an individual happens to be alone and with no friends with benefits.
The Hidden History of BDSM: From Ancient Rituals to Modern Kink
For those unfamiliar with the term, BDSM stands for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism. It is a sexual practice that has been around for centuries, yet the history of BDSM remains largely unknown. In this blog post, we will explore the hidden history of BDSM, from its roots in ancient rituals to its current status as a popular form of modern kink.
Kinky People Wish You Knew These Things About BDSM
If you're curious about the kinky world of BDSM, there are a few things kinky people want you to know. BDSM can be an incredibly rewarding and empowering experience for both partners, but it's important to go in with a full understanding of the dynamic and expectations. To help you get a better understanding of BDSM, here are some key things kinky people wish you knew.
Unexpected Effects of Orgasms
Orgasms have many benefits and the most important one is the sexual pleasure and satisfaction that makes them so wonderful and keeps us aiming to achieve one alone or with our partner. But they also have effects that you might not be so familiar with since they are not all sexual related.
12 Best Reasons to Have Sex Daily
Sex provides one of the best pleasures in the world. The sensual gratification delivered by the act of making love can only be compare with magic. But there is more to sex than just pleasure. Sex provides us many health benefits, both physically and mentally. Sex helps build better relationships. Sex strengthens a couple’s commitment to each other and builds intimacy. It also helps relieve our stress and can even burn calories.
5 Erotic Sex Facts about Women
Women tend to have numerous erogenous zones and complex sexual desires to satisfy to enjoy the sexual pleasure they desire. In fact, a woman has to keep in touch with her body and sexuality as both go through several changes in a lifetime. 
Here’s Why Age Makes BDSM Sex Better
BDSM enthusiasts and practitioners are of all ages, genders and sexual orientation. Thus, it would make BDSM the most accommodating community in the world. Indeed, the age of the partners involved in a BDSM scene is insignificant.
The Truth about Men Who Love the Chase
For some reason - it has been imposed on men for centuries and centuries - guys really do love a good chase when it comes to women. Maybe this is why women like to play hard to get? But this can be somewhat tricky because there can be a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to what chasing really means.
Three Myths about BDSM
Since it is such an interesting subject, BDSM entertained a lot of assumptions especially for people who never tried it or never got deep enough to understand what this community is all about.
Essential Rules for One-Night Stands
Having a one-night stand is a great way to experience a lovely night of pure sexual bliss, with no strings attached. Not only is it great for your sex life, one night stands can also give you a lot of positive things like better self-esteem and well, a great amount of satisfaction.
The Big Benefits of BDSM That No One is Talking About
The BDSM community seems to have a fetish and a fantasy for everyone and couples find a lot of sexual pleasure and satisfaction while diving into such sexual practices. While BDSM sex scenes are known for bringing a high level of sexual intensity and excitement, they also have other benefits that no one seems to talk about.
Surprising Benefits of Watching Porn in Your Sex Life
Many people worldwide watch porn and it is no longer a secret for anyone. Some watch it more than others. However, keeping a sense of realism is also important as real sex is different from the “perfect” sex scenes taking place on erotic videos.
Surprising Facts You Need to Know about Orgasm and How to Achieve Them
Orgasms are impressive but can be quite overwhelming if they reach a high level of sexual intensity. Orgasms can also be a lot more intense in women and there are various reasons for this.
How Sex Actually Gets Better After 50s
As time passes by, we might get lost in our daily lives and place our sexual life in second place. This is a crucial mistake! Sexual experiences have no age and no limits, other than what we set for ourselves. Keeping the passion alive is highly important for maintaining a healthy and happy relationship even over decades.
Science Tells the Right Time for Sex when Dating
Dating is almost necessary to have sex. However, figuring out the appropriate time to finally have sexual intercourse for the first time with a new partner can be somewhat difficult. For example, you have gone out with someone and the date is going great.
Sex in the Indian Culture
The Indian culture treats sex as a science and respects everything that has to do with intimate relationships. The Indian sexuality reached a level of high development through the most popular books, Kama Sutra, which is nowadays known all over the world.
Sex in Ancient Rome
In Ancient Rome, sexual culture was very present and it represents the basis of nowadays sexual culture as well, in more than one aspect. But the ancient sexuality was based on virtue more than any other characteristic.

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