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Fun Sex Facts

12 Best Reasons to Have Sex Daily
Sex provides one of the best pleasures in the world. The sensual gratification delivered by the act of making love can only be compare with magic. But there is more to sex than just pleasure. Sex provides us many health benefits, both physically and mentally. Sex helps build better relationships. Sex strengthens a couple’s commitment to each other and builds intimacy. It also helps relieve our stress and can even burn calories.
5 Erotic Sex Facts about Women
Women tend to have numerous erogenous zones and complex sexual desires to satisfy to enjoy the sexual pleasure they desire. In fact, a woman has t...
The Truth about Men Who Love the Chase
For some reason - it has been imposed on men for centuries and centuries - guys really do love a good chase when it comes to women. Maybe this is why women like to play hard to get? But this can be somewhat tricky because there can be a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to what chasing really means.
Three Myths About BDSM
Since it is such an interesting subject, BDSM entertained a lot of assumptions especially for people who never tried it or never got deep enough to understand what this community is all about.
Essential Rules for One-Night Stands
Having a one-night stand is a great way to experience a lovely night of pure sexual bliss, with no strings attached. Not only is it great for your sex life, one night stands can also give you a lot of positive things like better self-esteem and well, a great amount of satisfaction.
The Big Benefits of BDSM That No One is Talking About
The BDSM community seems to have a fetish and a fantasy for everyone and couples find a lot of sexual pleasure and satisfaction while diving into such sexual practices. While BDSM sex scenes are known for bringing a high level of sexual intensity and excitement, they also have other benefits that no one seems to talk about.
Surprising Benefits Of Watching Porn In Your Sex Life
Many people worldwide watch porn and it is no longer a secret for anyone. Some watch it more than others. However, keeping a sense of realism is also important as real sex is different from the “perfect” sex scenes taking place on erotic videos.
Surprising Facts You Need To Know About Orgasm And How To Achieve Them
Orgasms are impressive but can be quite overwhelming if they reach a high level of sexual intensity. Orgasms can also be a lot more intense in women and there are various reasons for this.
How sex actually gets better after 50s
As time passes by, we might get lost in our daily lives and place our sexual life in second place. This is a crucial mistake! Sexual experiences have no age and no limits, other than what we set for ourselves. Keeping the passion alive is highly important for maintaining a healthy and happy relationship even over decades.
Science Tells the Right Time for Sex when Dating
Dating is almost necessary to have sex. However, figuring out the appropriate time to finally have sexual intercourse for the first time with a new partner can be somewhat difficult. For example, you have gone out with someone and the date is going great.
Sex in the Indian culture
The Indian culture treats sex as a science and respects everything that has to do with intimate relationships. The Indian sexuality reached a level of high development through the most popular books, Kama Sutra, which is nowadays known all over the world.
Sex in Ancient Rome
In Ancient Rome, sexual culture was very present and it represents the basis of nowadays sexual culture as well, in more than one aspect. But the ancient sexuality was based on virtue more than any other characteristic.
Sex in Christianity
Christianity is a complex culture and the way it treats sexuality is very diverse along the history, with plenty of religious influences and norms. Marriage is the center of sexuality and according to some Christians, it continues after Death with an eternal life in Heaven.
Sex culture in Islam
The Islamic culture is so vast one and the sexual aspect of it makes no difference. It has a lot of regulations but also a lot of interesting aspects to it, and the world could learn a lot from their sexual practices.
Sex in antique Greece
Ancient Greece has many sexual rituals that not only increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction but also have a positive impact on the fertility issues. Phallus was considered to be one of the objects that needed to be worshiped in order to increase the level and quality of fertility.
Sex culture in Hinduism
The Hinduism culture transformed sexuality in an art and had great influences on other cultures as well, due to their unique perspective on intimate relationships.
Sex in China
China is a vast culture when it comes to many aspects but sexuality tends to be by far the most explored one along the history. Furthermore, sexual intercourse is associated with a spiritual practice. Two people having sex are compared in most ancient Chinese writings with Heaven and Earth having sexual intercourse.
Sex in Japan
Japan’s sexual culture is known for placing eroticism in the center of the nobility life. This is best illustrated in the “Tale of Genji” book in which the sexual adventures and encounters of Prince Genji are well detailed for the readers.
Anais Nin and her eccentric erotic writings
Anais Nin is a well-known author, who became famous for her honest writings, anchored strongly in the reality of her time. Anais was born under the name of Angela Anaïs Juana Antolina Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell in France on February 21, 1903. She lived until January 14, 1977. Anais Nin traveled a lot in Spain and Cuba but she achieved her fame as an author in the United States.
Effects of a Successful Orgasm In Your Brain
It might be easy to guess and even be confident about what an intense orgasm does to your body and your sexual life, not to mention your intimate relationship all together. But does it have any effect on your brain as well? You bet it does!
Things that Every Woman Notices after a Sexual Intercourse
Oooh…so you went on a couple of dates, there was an attraction and you had sex…so now what? Having a woman over at your house could be a source of nervousness, especially if you really like her. So what will she think about your house? Is everything ‘normal?’
Dr. Alfred Charles Kinsey
Dr. Alfred Charles Kinsey was an important personality in the sex industry and spent his life reaching scientific performances as a biologist, professor of entomology and zoology as well. He lived between June 23rd of 1894 and August 25th of 1956 and was the founder of the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University in 1947. Now, the institute is known worldwide as the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction.
Josephine Baker
The incredible public figure that was Josephine Baker was born under the name of Freda Josephine McDonald and lived between 3rd of June of 1906 and 12th of April 1975. She had an interesting life as an entertainer and French Resistance agent and also an activist.
The History of Birth Control
The fear of getting pregnant or contacting some sexually transmitted disease was the main brake for sexual development along history. But people tried to discover methods to keep themselves safe and still explore their sexual identity which is a pleasant and intense journey.

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