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10 Surprising Ways To Turn Her On

If your goal is to understand a woman, you are going to need more than this article. In fact, you will need an entire manual and then you still will have barely scratched the surface. But if all you want is to turn her on, then it won’t be hard to accomplish.

The biggest mistake that men do is to think that turning a woman on involves foreplay or sexual undertones of any kind. That is entirely not true. Women are far more easily turned on outside of the bedroom than they are inside. But how? Well, those answers are far easier to obtain than the answer to ‘What’s Wrong?’.

  1. Housework, Housework, More Housework

Want to cut right to the heart and soul of a woman? Plan to seduce her and sweep her off of her feet? One of the best places to start is by actually sweeping. Of course doing dishes, laundry, cooking and making beds aren’t far behind. Woman love a man that appreciates them and helps out.

  1. Honey Do List

Chances are she’s been asking you fix something for quite some time. Want to hurry and see how much she wants to cuddle and kiss on you? Try knocking those to-dos off her list.

  1. Remember the Little Details

Everyone knows their woman’s name, birthday and possibly even favorite color. But do you have a clue what her favorite song from a movie is? How about what she sang at her first recital? When you remember the little things that she tells you over conversation, you grow together.

  1. Write Her a Love Note

Nowadays people go gaga, and not the singing kind, over simple little sweet or sappy texts. But an old fashioned love note can go a long way. Send it in email if you must, but take the time to use more than 160 characters to let her know how much she means to you.

  1. Take the Kids, Please

Nothing impresses a woman quite like a man who is good with kids. Even better is a man who is good with kids and takes them so that she can have a day to herself. Even if they aren’t yours, send your lady out for a relaxing day alone while you enjoy some time warming up to her children. It’s a win-win.

  1. Make Her Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine and that is evident that both men and women are turned on by someone with a sense of humor. She doesn’t want you to quote lines from Saturday Night Live, although if she does more power to you both, but she’d like to see a little bit more of that funny side.

  1. Cook for Her

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well the way to a woman’s heart is by cooking. If she doesn’t have to worry with planning, prep or cleanup from a nice meal then she is going to appreciate you even more.

  1. Have Your Shit Together

Nobody is perfect., Women aren’t saying you have to be wealthy, or even well off, and perfectly stable. But if you can’t find your underwear underneath the pizza boxes in your living room then you might not be ready to be her man. Have goals and a plan in place before you start trying to make her a part of it.

  1. Skip Traditional Gifts

If you have been eyeballing a dozen roses and beautiful piece of jewelry for your lady; stop. She wants something different. Something special. Something that says he took the time to pick this out. Give her that and she will do anything.

  1. Intimacy

Too many people mistake intimacy for sex. Yes she eventually, and maybe even right this moment, wants sex. But what women really crave is intimacy. Time alone watching a movie, Kissing, Hugging, Holding hands, massage. There are plenty of ways to show intimacy outside the bedroom that will lead to intimacy inside.

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