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Great Foreplay Tips to Blow His Mind

There is nothing sexier than watching your partner wanting to please you. If you want to give your partner a treat, it would be a good idea to always have new tricks under your sleeves. Foreplay is a necessary part of sex and although women tend to highlight the importance of it for them, men will also benefit from a good foreplay. The more aroused one is, the more pleasurable and fun it will be for the other. That is how an old saying goes, right? Wink*

  • Make use of your hands

If you love giving him oral sex, you can combine that with some hand worksas well to increase his pleasure. The easiest way you can do this is to wrap your hands around his penis while you’re giving him a blow job. This can be really helpful if he is too big or if you can’t fit him all the way into your mouth. As for the other hand, you can use that to either caress the testicles or to massage around his perineum. All those sensations will feel incredibly overwhelming for him!

  • Ignite him through his earlobe

When you are kissing him or making out and he is getting hot and heavy, you can try stimulating his earlobe. The earlobe is a highly sensitive area you shouldn’t ignore because it has a lot of different nerve endings. While you are kissing him, switch to gently nibbling that earlobe or even sucking it a little bit. I can assure you he will feel that all the way over to his lower region. wink*

  • Delight him by adding some thrill

For those who love getting a bit exciting and riskier in populace, you can do either of the following ways. One, you can be out having dinner in a public place, discreetly grab his hand and put it under your dress or skirt. (This will definitely send him the message that you have one thing on your mind only.) Another thing that you can do is to take off your panties or bra in a bathroom and then subtly letting him know what you have done or better yet, put the underwear on his pocket.

For a lot of people, having their limbs restricted in some form or another can be highly arousing. That is why, you can grab either rope or a pair of handcuffs and tie their hands together or tie them to the bed. You can then have them pleasure you with their mouth (taking control in that way is really erotic) or have your way with them by caressing them all over, give them a blow job, kiss their body, etc.

  • Pay attention to his nipples

Something that women tend to ignore when it comes to their male partners are the nipples. Women tend to ignore male nipples. In reality that body part is highly sensitive for them as well. You can really have fun with them, so touch them, pull them a little bit, lick them, kiss them, bite them gently, (or hard depending on what your partner likes wink*) or whatever you want.

  • Put on a show

If you want to get going in a foreplay, there is something really sexy you can do, pleasure yourself while he is watching, no touching. Make him sit in front of you while you lie down on the bed and use a vibrator, a sex toy or your fingers (don’t forget the lube) while he observesyou. He won’t be able to touch you and that will really be arousing. Besides, he will be able to learn a bit more about your own technique and what you enjoy.

  • Make use of the lubes

And speaking about lubrication, you can always make it sexier. Grab the bottle and squeeze some. Erotically put it over his penis and make him put some on his finger so he can get in inside you, this move is really sexy!

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