How to Charm Your Way Into a Woman’s Heart

If your goal in life (although I do hope you also have bigger aspirations wink*) is to learn how to charm a woman, you are lucky to be reading this article right know wink*

Being charming doesn’t have anything to do with how you look, this is actually an ability you can learn and practice. If you do it right, women will be able to talk with you comfortably and will be delighted by you. And yes, you can really get there with some pointers and practice.

Charming a woman is different than flirting with her and touching her somewhere special. You also need to be aware charming her properly goes beyond having some strong eye contact or sharing a strong eye contact connection…you will need to do more if you want to do this right.

You want start by talking to her. Show interest in what she likes and the things she enjoys; she will definitely like you instantly if she knows you are interested and want to know more about her things. Yes, ideally you should both talk about subjects that interest you both, but since we are talking about putting the spot on her and charming her in particular you want to maintain the focus on that.

Don’t give half answers or only nod; instead encourage her to open up about her interests and passions. Tell her how much you enjoy hearing her talk about something that she cares about so deeply. All you need is show some genuine interest in her things.

You also want to compliment in ways that will make her remember you; you want her to know you are interested in something more beyond a friendship. She will need to see you as a guy who can charm her in order to place you as a potential partner in her brain.

The compliments you pay to her must be special, so stay away from generic stuff like ‘you have a beautiful body’ and the like. Think about the things you really like about her and tell her; the idea is to be as specific as you want. The important part here is to be original and sincere so it can make an impression on her. This will let her know you are interested in her; like I mentioned, you want her to know you are attracted to her. Oh! And you will also be able to make her smile and maybe even see her blush…if you are lucky wink*

A great element you can have under you arsenal is to simply be funny. Women love men who make them laugh, so it makes sense you can charm their skirts off with your sense of humor. Humor is also a great opportunity to make her comfortable around you and for her to love spending that with you in particular.

And no, you don’t need to learn some jokes and recite them to her every time you see her. You want to tell her something funny (either made up or from your past) that she can relate to…or you can share something funny you found and think she may enjoy as well.

And of course that in order to charm her you will also need to flirt with her a little. Girls are used to men flirting, so this is only a natural progression of events. But at the same time you don’t want to flirt too much because she can get the impression you are a flirt…and that you do this with every girl you meet.

By the way, don’t be afraid to ask her about the places she wants to visit and what does she do on the weekend. This will let her know what is on your mind.

A little personal touch here and there can also be your ally here, as long as you do it respectfully. You want to be subtle, so tell her those earrings really do make her eyes pop while you touch her ear, hold her hand while you are walking through a crowd, put your hand at the small of her back as you help her go through a door or cross the street…put her hair aside when it gets loose from her ponytail, etc. If she is interested, she will melt…

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