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3 Tips for Better Sex If You're 40 and Above

You might have heard sex gets better with time. Even if it is a fact, it doesn’t just happen on its own in particular when men and women reach middle age. Women who go through menopause become sexually challenged. But men also face a bunch of issues when going through middle age and confront all kinds of insecurities to impact their sex life and their intimate relationships. Men who are past their 40s tend to develop all kinds of worries when it comes to their body and their sexuality. Because of this they find it hard to enjoy the level of self-confidence they once had. But with a little care and research, all these aspects can be fixed so men can enjoy their sexuality even more than they ever did before. Remember middle aged men have one aspect to their advantage, experience! It makes a big difference in the bedroom! So, let’s see some of the main tips and tricks you can do when you are facing some sexual challenges during your middle age.

1. Stay open to try new fetishes and fantasies

If you are a middle aged man then you might also be in a long-term relationship or not. Either way, chances are you have developed some sort of sexual routine. If you are not feeling confident and satisfied with your sex life, then it might be time to drop the routine or at least mix some mystery into it. You can easily do this by trying new sex toys and accessories in addition to giving new fetishes a fair chance. The market offers a variety of tools you can use when you want to spice up your sex life a little. Chances are your partner will simply love to join you every time you get a new idea! If you have never tried anal plugs, this might be a good time. You can enjoy prostate stimulator or penis pumps as well. Trying new toys will open your sexual horizon to more possibilities and keep you more engaged in your sexual life! So, use your imagination and creative skills to see where it takes you and your partner!

2. Masturbate regularly

If you are single, you are probably masturbating constantly. It is a good thing for both your sexuality and health. But even if you are in a relationship it is important to try to masturbate as often as you feel the need to instead of repressing the desire. You can learn a lot about your body and your own sexuality while masturbating. Best of all, you can get new ideas about intense sexual encounters to enjoy in your future affairs. Don’t limit yourself with the classic sex toys when pleasuring yourself. Many men prefer to use a pair of nipple clamps as well when they are masturbating and this can be a real turn on for them!

3. Take care of your body

You should take care of your body at any age in particular when you are a middle aged man! Work out on a regular basis and eat a healthy variety of foods to keep yourself in shape for a long time. Doing so will also help you make better use of your energy in the bedroom. Working out can increase a man’s level of self esteem and self-confidence. Both aspects will help you have a satisfying sex life and intense sexual experiences every time you get intimate with your partner or when you masturbate. As a bonus, taking care of your body can make you look younger than your age and this can only work in your favour! So you have all the right reasons to cherish your body and keep it in shape!

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