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Fast Sex, Quick, Quicker, Quickie!

Sometimes you want a bed sprinkled with rose petals, champagne chilling by the bedside, and soft music in the background... and sometimes you have things to do, a life to lead…All the time while having needs that need to be satisfied.

The movies tell us that a romantic encounter takes time, props, and long gazes into each other's eyes. Movies also tell us that two cars lightly tapping each other will explode and that computers throw projected images onto eyeglasses, so let's throw that out of the window and embrace the quickie! (Who’s with me?)

The quickie is the art of sex on the fly – a brief intimate encounter in the middle of your day. It's not meant to replace more intense sessions that involve lingerie, blindfolds, and handcuffs; it's meant to enhance them. It's fast and it's convenient, kind of like fast food. Just that unlike fast food, it's good for you and leaves you feeling a lot more energized than heading out for a burger (besides bringing a lot more pleasure, right?).

There's nothing wrong with planning a quickie. While the perfect fast sex act is sudden and spontaneous, things go much more smoothly if everyone is on the same page. Once again, the movies make it look super easy and spontaneous, but truth is these things take a little time. Figure out when you are both free, and decide on where you want to meet. Despite the thrill of being discovered, make sure that you have a lock on the door. Remember: the fantasy of being caught in the act is way more fun than actually getting caught, wink*.

You should also know to come prepared (he he). You may not have access to cleanup supplies afterward, especially if you are doing it in a location outside of your home. Bring along condoms, a travel pack of lube, tissues, breath mints, wet wipes, and any other things you possibly might need. This keeps you from desperately hunting for a bathroom in inconvenient locations while looking less than composed.

If you want to make the occasion really memorable, bring along a single toy that you can use to make your partner moan. For example, nothing keeps someone quiet during a quickie like a ball gag! Whatever you bring along should be easy to carry, easy to access, and easy to hide away later. Nipple clamps that bite through thin clothing are an excellent option. Items that require more preparation, like butt plugs, are right out. The idea is to get done as fast and as pleasurable as possible.

Fast and dirty bondage is the key to making your quickie even kinkier. If the point is to ravage your partner, bring along a pair of handcuffs, not a strand of rope. Skip the hood but stuff a blindfold in your pocket for the partner who loves to be kept in the dark.

Send each other sexy texts or emails beforehand, and tell your partner in advance what you intend to do to them. Tell them exactly how much you're looking forward your rendezvous and what they've got to look forward to as well. This is a great way to make sure that you are both ready to go when the time comes. Sex is a head game, so reach out and play with your partner's!

Dress for the occasion. For women, a swishy skirt and a stretchy top allows for quick access, while pants worn without belts fit the bill for men. Choose underwear that is light and easy to push aside. Men, avoid briefs and opt for boxers that have that easy-access opening. And if you're feeling really daring, leave the underwear at home. After all, it's one less thing to forget in an inappropriate place, right? Wink*.

When it comes to the act, skip the chatter. Don't bother saying hello, just get right to it. After all, you're there for one reason and one reason only, and the less you talk, the more sex you get to have.

Vary the kind of sex you have during your quickie. Blowjobs and handjobs are both great ways to get off, and depending on the situation, they can both have their advantages. Enhance your handjobs by slipping on a pair of leather gloves or latex gloves beforehand; gloves are easy to bring along in a pocket or purse and can be whipped off immediately afterward. Discuss the possibilities with your partner. Again, the less organization you have to do during the act, the more time you will have for other activities.

Don't worry too much about equality. Thanks to the limited time frame of the quickie, there may only be time to get one person off. Just make sure that the partner who doesn't get off gets plenty of attention later. The point isn't necessarily to come; it's to have your sexy fun as quickly as possible.

Spot-check each other. Before heading out the door, give each other a quick up and down for mussed hair, suspicious stains, or undone buttons. This check can save you a lot of embarrassment when someone less considerate than your partner spots you afterward. Also remember the old camping rule: leave the site cleaner than when you found it. Look around and make sure that you haven't dropped anything.

While slow and lingering sex is great, it's not the only game in town. Quickies add a spike of hot excitement to your day; getting you in the mood well beforehand and leaving you with a sense of smug satisfaction that can last hours. Hurry up, I’m coming, wink*.

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