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Hard Facts About Men’s Kegels

You may have heard about Kegel exercises for men and have plenty of questions about them. There is some mythology and a certain area of mystery surrounding them, so it’s natural to have some doubts about them.

Kegel exercises are a great way to improve sexual health, on both men and women. Kegel’s strengthen pelvis muscles and the whole pelvis area, so anyone who practices them regularly can see results on their overall pelvis area…and sex life, of course.

So, because I know you’re probably wondering, are Kegel exercises scientifically or clinically proven? Yes, these exercises are something that have been proven and studied by experts. There have been several studies through the years that have resulted in positive feedback about those exercises. Significant improvement over the strengthening of the pelvic floor has been found after following a training program, thus improving sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

If they are so good for health, do they also prevent prostate cancer? Kegel’s are great for sexual health and improve a lot of problems, but sadly they are not magic. They do help in keeping a healthy prostate, but cancer is affected and triggered by other factors, such as genetic, environmental and lifestyle. But following a Kegel training program and doing the exercises before a prostate surgery or therapy do help shortening the recovery progress afterwards.

So, do men and women in the porn industry practice Kegel exercises? Why, yes, most of them do practice them on the regular. Most of them can compare it to regular stretching or training for a professional athlete; it’s just a part of their routine. It’s just a matter of lifestyle because most men have to do them in order to get better blood flow to their members. It also gives them better control over their erections and orgasms.

Are Kegel’s a replacement for Viagra like medications? While Kegel’s certainly improve sexual performance and the quality of the erections, it’s not the same result for anyone. It usually depends of the tissue or neurological damage there is; besides of the person’s particular problem. So you probably will see results, but the degree of improvement will vary on each person.

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