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Smooth Moves to Approach a Girl You Like

You are somewhere and you see a girl you like. Now, it would be easier if you knew her because you would be able to get close to her easily, but your moves will need to change when she is a stranger. Besides, it can be quite scary to approach someone for the first time…after all, you want to create a good impression! It is possible to come out of this successfully; you just need to learn how to do it.

You may believe dictating some pickup lines may be the way to her heart, but that is certainly not the case. Going for a simple ‘hello’ will be a million times better and more effective than anything else. You will create a better impression this way because it will allow you to present yourself as you are. But before you start to approach her and talk to her, you will first need to give her a little warning: something that indicates you will come to her. No one likes to be approached out of nowhere, so it will be better if you get her attention first.

The first thing you need to do is to look at her so she can know you are interested in her. Look at her every now and then to catch her attention; look when she catches your eye. You will be creating anticipation and curiosity and chances are she will look at you to see if you are still looking in her direction.

Eye contact is important, so after a few times, you will need to lock eyes with her. The idea is for you to gaze at her for a bit longer than a second every once in a while. And keep in mind something important: if she isn’t returning your looks or holding your stare, it is likely she isn’t interested. In this case, the best course of action is to leave her alone and move on to someone else you like.

If you are with a group or with a friend, you can use this to your advantage. Make sure to look at her in the middle of a conversation so you appear flustered; the idea is to seem distracted so she can see how much she is affecting you. Just as well, you also want to throw in a little smile every once in a while. In one of those eye contact moments, flash her a little smile until she sees you. You don’t need to do a full grin because you may give out a bad impression (aka something that will scare her)

Once you have built a connection and you are confident enough, you can go and talk to her. Ideally, she will create some opportunities for you to approach her; keep in mind that if she is interested she will give you an ample chance to do so. You will know because she will get up to go somewhere on her own, separating herself from her friends. Or she can even smile at you…

If you want to take the initiative you can jerk your neck to the side when you are looking at her, or you can your eyes to signal to a place where you can talk to her alone.

For those who are bolder, you can go and approach her when she is on a group. You can look at her while you approach her; say something like ‘hi, I don’t want to interrupt you all, but can I talk with you for a minute?’ The idea is for her to know how interested you are in her.

And if you are in a bar, you can always try buying her a drink. Once you have created some eye contact and have exchanged some glances and smiles, you can approach her to ask her what she is having and buying her a drink. Whatever move you choose, make it something sincere and luck will be on your side wink*

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