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How to Go Beyond the G Spot

A woman’s G Spot is an endless source of pleasure and if you manage to reach it and master stimulating it, you will never have a sexual encounter that doesn’t end in an intense orgasm. But it might not come all so natural as you expect it to so, a little research on the matter can’t harm. Plus, unless you want to be able to reach your G Spot alone during masturbation, you should share all the relevant information with your partner since they will be part of the action and also in charge with the most exciting aspect of it during intercourse.

1. Learn where your G Spot is

Before you go about finding new ways to stimulate your G Spot and go beyond it, you should be able to locate it and try to understand your body and erogenous zones. If we are to stretch this to an ultimate sexual understanding, you should understand and locate all your hot spots and learn how to explore them during long sessions of masturbation as well as during your exciting sexual encounters with your partner. Knowing your body well will lead you to a better sexual satisfaction and you will be able to offer a better sexual pleasure to your partner as well. So, get in bed, be comfortable, and explore your own sexuality without any inhibitions!

2. Guide your partner through sexual intercourse

Now, even if you can stimulate your G Spot with a good dildo, and even add other sexual stimulators during an intense masturbation, such as nipple clamps, orgasm belt or even a butt plug, to spice things up even more, when you are with your partner most of the action will be on him. And most men need some guiding when it comes to reaching and stimulating your G Spot not because they might not have a clue about it but because each woman is different and has her own sexual needs and preferences. Your G Spot is typically found at two inches inside your vagina, but that is not enough information to help your partner satisfy you. Also, don’t leave it all to them. Make sure you take control of your own sexual pleasure and satisfaction, try to stay on top and lean in the right direction to reach that ultimate sexual pleasure. By doing so, you will also give your partner a lot of satisfaction as well and reach a common and intense orgasm. They will be more than happy to let you lead the way to an exciting experience, at least every now and then. And if you don’t feel confident enough to go for it you should definitely fix that because a lack of confidence will only damage your sex life and also push your partner away.

3. Use the right sex toys and accessories

Having the right sexual arsenal is essential for reaching all kinds of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. You will need them to perform several fetishes and fantasies and you might also need them to stimulate not only you but also your lover. Chances are, your G Spot will thank you for all the sex toys that you have because part of stimulating it is also stimulating other erogenous zones of your body. Sexual intercourse alone doesn’t always do the trick when it comes to stimulating your G Spot and more sexual action needs to be involved in order to reach the orgasm that you are aiming for. So, stay open mind and use your imagination and creative skills to discover new levels of your own sexuality and share them the best way you can with your partner. Sex is a journey and enjoying it the right way is a matter of both partners getting involved in it. Use sex toys and accessories to reach deeper levels of satisfaction and make sure your lover shares the same pleasure with you.

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