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Crossdressing Etiquette: Voice Training Tips to Sound Like a Woman

For many cross dressers, the whole process can be quite easy and straightforward: you simply put on a dress, stockings, a wig and a pair of heels…and the right attitude of course wink* But once everything is all done, you look in the mirror, think “woah, I look great” and then you open your mouth…and realize that voice might be a bit of problem.

It takes up some time to get your woman look just right, mostly outfits, make up, and mannerisms, but you also need to focus on the voice. If you don’t have any problems with talking like a man, that is fine, just keep rockin’ it. But for most cross dressers, they also want to adopt a more feminine voice, just to keep up the illusion and fantasy a bit more.

Unlike other items, this is not something you can just go, buy, have a learning curve, and become an expert. You can become an expert, but you will need to practice and work hard at it in order to achieve your desired results. Don’t get intimidated; it’s actually not as hard as it sounds reads.

In order to change your voice and undergo voice feminization, you will need to undergo a process. This can be done with some techniques; there are probably hundred of them out there. The human voice is a very powerful instrument, and thankful, it can be adapted and changed with some time, effort, and the proper method.

Now, the kind of bad news is, you won’t be precisely able to hear how your voices sounds like. If you have ever heard yourself on a recording, you know it may somewhat…confusing, to say the least. Do I really sound like that?!

Most men have a naturally deep voice. The normal standard is that they have deeper voices than women, so most men, well naturally sound masculine because of the frequencies of their natural biology. But fear not, this is not set in stone, friends wink*

There are plenty of things most men do to sound more feminine that can actually be quite damaging for their voices. Like I said, this needs to be done with care and proper use of techniques. So, there are things you shouldn’t do because they are not a proper technique.

Probably the most common mistake cross dressers make is to go and speak with a falsetto tone of voice, because they think this will compensate for the deep voice. But in reality this does not wok, because it probably makes you sound like a cartoon character. This is not the way to go (unless that is what you’re going for? Kinky wink*).

On the other hand, some men try to constrict or tighten their throats in order to get a, you guessed it: higher pitched and thus feminine voice. This can be done simply because men have larger space in their own throats, and that is why they tend to have deeper voices. On the other side of the coin, we have women. Women tend to have narrower spaces; so plenty of men go and try to close that space to bring out a higher pitch. But this is not a very good method because men can damage their voice and vocal chords by doing this in the long run.

Something useful plenty of guys can do is to simply speak a bit softer than usual. Once again, this is done because usually women speak this way. While this does not make a voice more feminine per se, it does make you sound more feminine. Just don’t go all full on whisperer… wink*

Finding the right method to feminize your voice is key towards not damaging your voice, so you will need to put on some work. Remember: hard work pays hard wink*

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