How to Get the Right Waist Training Corset for Cross Dressing

Given the popularity of cross dressing itself and waist training, it is only natural they go together like bread and butter. These are different practices that can have a natural link, so it is not a surprise that so many men who cross dress also practice it.

Some men prefer to do it every once in a while to get their waist back in shape after a time of indulgence, others prefer to adapt it as a regular part of their lifestyle. But no matter on what side you are on, everything has to begin in once place: being born…wait, that is not right…I mean, yeah obviously it begins with that but I’m talking about something else: going corset shopping.

Contrary to what you may believe, corsets are not specifically meant to be worn by women only, nor are they something men of the 21 century have just begun wearing. As a matter of fact, it is known corsets for men existed even in the 1800s. Back in the day, men wanted to improve their figures by using corsets; they lengthened their waists, creating the illusion of a bigger chest and shoulders.

Corsets are of great help and basically essential if you want to create the illusion of an hourglass or feminine shape. It is one the easiest options out there for men who want to try and create that illusion, so it is important to have a few things in mind before you make the leap and buy a corset.

If you are a man looking for a corset, you have to remember that men and women are created a bit different. This translates to: corsets created and made for women will have a different effect on them. So just know that the overall fit of the corset will depend greatly on your gender.

Probably the main difference is the length of the corset, Simply because men tend to have longer torsos (because they are generally taller as well). Given this little characteristic, most men want to stick with under bust corsets. This is a great option because it will tighten where you want to tighten, especially when you are cross dressing. Besides, a good thing is, a longer torso will better balance out a breast area when you put on your preferred breast forms.

The other thing men naturally tend to have, is a lower waistline. That is one of the reasons you want to use a corset: it will create an upper waistline. This way, you can wear a dress that will look more natural because the waist sits in the upper part of the torso.

The steel boning, instead of a plastic one, will create increased results. The reason it’s, steel is stronger than plastic; in this case, you want this because you are looking for something strong that will really shape your figure. And given the fact this is not soft bread dough you are trying to mold, this is definitely a good thing. Good steel boned under busts corsets will provide that small waist, bigger hips and bigger chest illusion you are looking for.

There are plenty of benefits a man can have when he chooses to wear a corset or do a waist training regime. They are necessary in order to create that feminine hourglass shape; your women’s clothes will look a million miles better when you wear them above a corset. If you do waist training, those results can last longer and you can modify your shape to have a more feminine body at all times.

Another cool thing about these pieces is, they also improve your posture. This will not only make your body and clothes look better, but will also help you with some back issues and aches you may have…where do I sign up?

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