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Guide to Better Maid Roleplaying Sex Fantasy

What's not to like about a maid fantasy? It involves someone dressed in adorable (and sexy!) clothes serving you hand and foot…Besides, it offers plenty of fun and umm…interesting tasks to play with in a role play scenario. So, what are you waiting for? Dress up your sub up in a cute maid costume, sit back, and get ready to give plenty of orders while they serve you up.

Part of the appeal of the maid fantasy is definitely the costume; it’s not a coincidence a maid costume is the source of a lot of people’s fantasies. But beyond the latex skirts and corsets, why not use restraints too? After all, you don't want your maid's job to be too easy, right? Wink* Maids should be the epitome of grace and neatness even when they are doing difficult (or impossible!) tasks, so think about how you are going to make serving you supper or scrubbing your floors a challenge.

First, you may want to start with cuffs. Ankle cuffs force your maid to take small steps, which can be a real challenge if she has a time limit on her tasks. The ankle cuffs keep her steps short and dainty, and they also make her very easy to push over if you feel like taking advantage of your sweet little domestic servant. Similarly, wrist cuffs hamper her hands, and they add a bit visual surplus to the scenery when she is trying to pour your tea or coffee.

A maid should definitely have good posture, and that is where a lovely posture collar comes in. If you don't feel like dressing your maid up in restrictive cuffs, a posture collar doesn't stop her from accomplishing her tasks, but it definitely helps keep her in the right mindset.

Even a simple accessory like a pair of gloves can help her get in the right frame of mind. Gloves affect the way she touches things and how she needs to handle them. Choose satin gloves for a particularly luxurious look. And be careful not to break that! Wink*

As with any kind of roleplaying, communication is key. While the maid fantasy looks fairly straightforward from the outside, there can be lots of different variations. There's a difference between the sub that loves the idea of being a maid in sexual slavery to her master, and the kind who simply adores being punished, either fairly or unfairly. So it’s always a good idea to discuss beforehand the nature of the roleplay and the expectations of each involved part to get the most of the experience.

When you are playing up the sexual aspect of the maid and master or mistress relationship, you'd be surprised by how easily you can spice up normal and otherwise boring chores. Want a visual? Ordering your maid to do the dishes is quite ordinary…But ordering your maid to do that when she's got an anal plug inserted inside her or when she's got a pair of nipple clamps on is a whole new story wink*. Alternately, if you want to make sure that your maid is very sensitive, make her use a vibrator on herself for at least 10 minutes before you get started giving orders. Yes, those orders are definitely my cup of tea.

One fun edgy scene to play with is accusing your maid of stealing something. She may be a sweet girl who has no idea what you're talking about (I would never do such a thing, sir, gasp*), or she may be a thief who needs to be corrected (Yes, I’ve been bad. What are you going to do about it?) Strip her down to their stockings and perform a thorough search... to make sure that she's not hiding anything on her body, of course, wink*.

If you're playing out a discipline scene, carefully consider what implement you want to use. With the refinement and elegance that is part of the maid fantasy, leave whips out. Instead, use a crop, or a paddle to get your point across. After all, she's never going to get the right idea unless you're willing to teach her...

While I've been using “she” throughout this article, this of course has nothing to do with the sex of your sub. You can just as easily dress your sweet male sub in the costume and have a great time bossing him around (Men usually give great foot rubs after a long day standing in heels, by the way) If you're into slightly edgier play, start calling him “she” and see how he blushes.

The maid roleplaying fantasy is a great one to play with if you have a service-oriented submissive, or if you want some silly and harmless fun. And remember, no matter how it turns out, at least you’ll get your washing done, wink*.

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