April 15, 2017 2 min read

Submissive's Duties in a BDSM Relationship

There are several things a submissive has to keep in mind when they enter a submissive - dominant relationship. They will need to be respectful, tend to their master and obey them, for instance. So, in order to make things easier and have a quick reminder of what a submissive should always keep in mind, today I bring you this list. It’s not exhaustive by any means; these are general ideas for you to add the specific items that you will need to keep in mind for your particular relationship.

When you’re done, you can even print it and keep it someplace near you so you are able to see it and remind you every day of it. Without further ado, a submissive must…>

  • Love himself or herself to properly love their Master.
  • Always love and care for their Master.
  • Comfort their Master at all times. Even more when they need it so.
  • Think things through with a cold head to don’t talk back in the heat of the moment.
  • Attend to their Master needs.
  • Learn to please their Master.
  • Serve any of their Master requests, as long as they don’t compromise any of the Submissive’s boundaries and limits.
  • Be tender towards their Master.
  • Recognize their mistakes.
  • Accept their punishments with grace and without any resorts.
  • Obey their Master at once.
  • Open up to their Master at all times and especially when it is requested.
  • Be honest and sincere with their Master at all times.
  • Show respect at all times.
  • Please their Master and at the same time, please themselves.
  • Let go in order to give themselves completely to their Master.

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