Start Wearing Latex Lingerie Today! Here's Why!

Everybody loves latex, am I right? It feels great, it looks great and it comes in many different forms and varieties (just like me, ha! Wink*) What’s so great about this material is that you can do a million things with it and it never gets boring; it’s a wonderful companion to your sex life. So let’s explore latex life:

  • Baby, you feel so good: As most good things, wearing latex gets really addictive really quick. The sensation you get when you put on a latex garment can’t compare with anything else; nothing like getting your most private parts touching the fabric, trust me. And contrary to what you may believe, latex is very comfortable. You just have to find the appropriate size and garment for you. Tip: remember to put some lubrication or baby powder beforehand so you can easily put it on.
  • Oh, what a stimulation! Latex is material that opens up the senses by nature. You can use a pair of panties, a dress or a catsuit and it will feel very different from other materials. This fabric has the power to stimulate the smell, sight, touch, taste and even the hearing. It’s shiny, capturing the eye, has a distinctive smell, it feels very different and the sounds the wearer makes are incomparable. All those combinations make up to stimulate the brain and in turn, arouse the brain (and the body attached to said brain wink*). Don’t forget to rub some lubrication on the piece to make it look extra shiny (and appealing!)
  • Rise again: Products made out of good quality can last you a long time and will feel better than their cheaper counterparts. And you know what quality brings? More confidence! You will not only feel better in it, but you will also look better on it.
  • Anytime, anywhere: You can use a latex bra and panties set under your normal work day-to-day clothes and nobody will suspect a thing…unless you can’t keep smiling and they start to ask you why are you in such a good mood today wink*. Nothing feels better than having that little secret to yourself. And if you have a partner, why not letting them in into your little secret? Even better, you can extend the fun when you get home to double the pleasure. If you are feeling bold, why not wear a latex dress or a latex top to dinner? The real fun will start afterwards…
  • Infinite role-play: Now, the main reason why people acquire latex items is for one source of infinite fun: role-play. Basically you can try out as many scenarios as you like because the garments come in so many varieties. From dominatrix to slave to master to full on gimp, anything is possible. You can customize your outfit as you like in order to fit in the particular scenario you are playing out. You can add wigs, masks, hoods, shoes, attachable toys…the possibilities are endless when you are experimenting with it. The only limit will be your imagination.

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