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What You Don't Know About Wearing Latex Lingerie

Latex is a wonderful material that can be enjoyed in various ways and forms. Given the wide range of possible latex garments, there is an option for everyone (although you can never have too many, wink*). But, have you thought about the necessary steps to take to fully appreciate the experience?

The first thing you should be aware of is the heat. As you may imagine, latex is a very hot material (in more ways than you can imagine). Having said that, keep in mind latex sort of acclimates to the room temperature; this means, if you are in a place with air conditioner, the material will be cold and vice versa, if you are in a hot place, it will feel hot inside of the garment. You should also check how tight the piece is and how much of your body the piece covers. If you are in a very tight cat suit, you will sweat a lot; but if you only have a pair of panties, it shouldn’t be so uncomfortable.

Sweating is actually a good thing here, so no worries there. Yes, latex will make you sweat but it will help make things more comfortable. After you have been wearing the piece for a while, a layer of sweat will be created to separate your skin from the garment. Sounds a little gross, but it has many benefits. Why? Because that extra lubrication will allow the latex to move, sliding against the skin in a smoother way…thus creating a very nice feeling. The thing is, as you are doing a lot of sweating you should keep in mind to rehydrate often, just as you would during a work out. So if you are feeling extra thirsty, just keep some water nearby.

Another thing about latex pieces is the sizing. As with most pieces, the right fit will alleviate many problems down the line, especially comfort problems. Yes, latex should be tight, but it shouldn’t be constrictive, hot and uncomfortable. The ideal fit should be one that is snug, without wrinkles or bagging.

Ideally, the piece you are getting should be about 2 or 4 inches smaller than your body measures. This will allow for the best possible fit you can find.

When you are ready to wear your piece, you will want to use a little shine in order to get the best out of it. Some silicone spray latex shine or silicone lubrication should be more than enough. This will allow for the garment to look shiny and beautiful; besides, why not have your partner do the shining? Wink*.

After you are done with it (AKA: the fun was had) and want to take it off, there are some steps you can take to make things easier. If you have sweated a lot, it will probably slide off really easy. If you are having trouble taking it off, just jump in the shower and do it there. The water should do the trick.

Remember to always do it slowly, never use your nails (just the pads) and never tug and pull. Don’t roll it off because it will only make it tighter; just try to separate the piece from your skin to let the air in and gently remove it.

Once you have removed the piece, just give the latex piece a rinse with dish soap and hang it to dry. Be careful because metal discolors latex, so use plastic hangers instead. When it has dried, you may find it has become a bit sticky, so just give it a shine and keep it in a dark place…until you are ready to have more fun and want to use it again, wink*.

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