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Why Latex SCREAMS SEX! (and We Love It!)

I have to admit that when I first starting wearing latex I didn't like it. At first, it was only for photo shoots. Now don't get me wrong, I loved the way it looked but it just felt so tawdry and tight. And then after modeling it and all the comments that came rolling in, I realized that was EXACTLY what people loved about latex. And now…I have to admit…I'm a huge latex lingerie fan!

The Appeal of Latex Lingerie

First of all men love it. Latex SCREAMS SEX. There is no mistaking that a woman in a latex bustier is only out for one thing and that is to have our heels thrown back, be slammed up against a wall, or to just simply be *attacked*. Grrr! Which as it happens, is one of our favorite things in life. (*breach of the sisterhood of sexology – we secretly love sex as much as you do, we just feel shy about it …which is a whole another story I will cover in my upcoming blogs and podcasts Autumn's Good Girl's Guide to Sex & Bondage!)

The Differences between the types of Latex Lingerie:

Depending upon the style and the quality of the latex, latex lingerie can have a very different feeling. As is true in everything, you pay for what you get. If you are just getting into latex, the less expensive entry level latex is a wonderful suggestion to add to your some heat to your hopefully already spicy lingerie collection. Just keep in mind that the latex is going to be thinner and you will need to be more careful with it, so it doesn't rip. That includes when he is attacking you…..not that he will be thinking at that point….*wink*

The difference with the higher end latex lingerie, is that the latex is thicker and generally comes in a larger variety of style and colors. This latex is going to be heavier on the skin so you may sweat a little more in it (which frankly if you are doing it right, you should be working up a sweat in sexy latex lingerie) but it is also going to give you more a great form.

Higher end latex lingerie will also give you more of the classic hourglass figure (especially in a latex dress) because it is sized and sucks you in and pushes you out in all the right ways. The only way to get better cleavage than with a latex dress or latex top is to go with a corset. Latex is just that good.

As for men, the latex briefs are great because they show off what your partner wants to see. It highlights you in a wonderful and sensual way while also giving you a sleek and sexy look. Originally thought of as being more of a submissive male, the dominant men are starting to take a second look at latex briefs. Whether it's for a latex fetish or just to show off their amazing "package", latex is really gaining popularity among both dominant and submissive men. Which I think is great. Sex is all about freedom of expression, sensuality and letting yourself go. It's the ultimate high and rush when you are with a partner who loves, respects and honors you…..**and let's take a moment of silence to honor aftershocks**….*smile*

What I love about Latex

It sucks you up in all the right places and pushes you out in all the right places. It gives you a hot, slick and sexy look which screams Yes! Let's Fuck! As there is no making love in latex. And would you really want to when you screw each other's brains out? I didn't think so…

In a latex dress you can go from suburban soccer mom to a saucy little sex kitten in under five minutes. You don't even need to do your hair or makeup. I guarantee you, he's not going to be looking at your hair. And it's a well know and scientifically fact, that any woman wearing a latex dress is instantly a irrepressible sex bomb. Just look at what it did for Pamela Anderson and Katy Perry? Do you think it was an accident that Katy Perry's career went NUTS when she started wearing latex dresses? Or just imagine if Pamela Anderson hadn't sported all those latex mini dresses which became even more famous that that cute little read swimsuit.

Autumn's Final Thought

Latex always beats little red swimsuits. Always. And considering what that little red swimsuit did for the ultimate sexy kitten Pam Anderson, it gives Latex the ultimate boost in the sex factor. And according to a recent survey I did at your dentist's office….9 out of 10 men think your ass looks great in it. The other 1 couldn't answer the survey because he was so beside himself, he was literally speechless. *wink*

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