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Best Tips to Put Your Showy Pony on Display

Show ponies are the pony play category in which you can train your lovely pony to compete in shows. It’s probably the showiest category because the ponies are put in very exuberant tack and they are meant to be presented with very graceful and elegant gaits and movements. You can train them to show or exhibit elaborated tack like harness, plumes, boots and bridles or you can train them to compete in a specific show. The show categories are plenty, such as dressage ponies, eventing ponies and ponies shown in hand. Yes, just as BDSM, it has plenty of varieties wink*.

Show ponies are trained to show their tack gracefully; dressage ponies are actually taught dressage like passage, piaffe and tempi. Sometimes they are also taught dancing or exaggerated gaits. Their tack is incredibly elaborate, usually with tons of harnesses and plumes. The presentation of the pony it’s one of the first things they will be judged on, so they need to bring their A game.

These ponies can be two legged or four legged, both are accepted. But you should keep in mind how they will present themselves in order to choose their movements and equipment correctly. For instance, a four legged pony will obviously look more like a real horse so their gaits and movements will be very different from a two legged pony. The two-legged pony will have less movements and gaits to reproduce… I mean, they are missing two legs, wink*. On the other hand, two legged ponies will have the advantage when it comes to jumping, so both forms have their pros and cons; you will decide what you are looking for exactly to decide on how many legs your pony will walk on.

If you want your pony to jump, you will also need to add some sort of exercise routine to their training for them to do it right. Keep in mind it’s not only about the equipment and tack, it’s also about how they conduct themselves and the abilities they have. So in order to succeed, you better step up wink*.

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