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Basic Training for Your Pet Pony at Playtime!

The main point about having a pony is to play with it, right? And just like any other form of play, it’s going to take some effort to get there…and just like any kind of play, it’s definitely worth it wink*. So, probably the main doubt when it comes to what exactly do you train them in and how. Well, you should know that the training will depend on what exactly do you want to train your pony in and the methods will also depend of your type of pony. Having said that, there are some “tricks” that you can teach your pony, regardless of the type.

It means that if you want to have a cart pony, you will need to teach your pony how to pull a cart, for instance. But if you want to have your pony trained in several categories, you can also do that! They are not mutually exclusive wink*. But let’s learn the basic training:

Leading: This one it’s probably the first one you should teach your pony because you should know how to lead your pony and the pony should learn how to be lead. They should also learn your commands, both physically and by voice. And just like any other D/S relationship, it’s of utmost importance for the pony to feel safe and secure with you.
    Tying: Then, it comes teaching them to stand and to tie them to something like a wall. It should also be with commands and once they learn how to do it, you can move on to ground tying. That is nothing more than making your pony stand on his own without its ropes or reins attached to something, kind of like “stay” to a dog.
      Cross tying: Teaching your pony how to cross tie is important because you will be able to access both sides of your pony. Before learning this, keep in mind your pony should have already learnt to stand on its own for 15 minutes at least. And you will also learn how to tie the crosstie with a rope made out of nylon or cotton and keep in mind to tie them in a safe place.
        Grooming: This is probably the most intimate activity. For the pony it’s very nice to be petted, brushed and having its “owner” run its hand over them, obviously. In order to do this, you will first tie or cross tie them and have several brushes at hand, preferably. But keep in mind to never brush the pony butt-plug tail with a real bio equine brush… because you can pull it out if you’re not careful and it can be too hard on it. Tip: you can always attach the plug to a harness wink*.

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