How to Ride Your Pony Slave

If you have ever dreamed about riding your lovely sub or partner, this is exactly what you need to read… and yes, literally ride them, not just the way you are thinking about wink*. Riding ponies are of the most popular forms of pony play because, well, who hasn’t thought about it, right? They can be ridden on either two or four legs, but if you want to go the two legs route, keep in mind you will need a special saddle to make both participants more comfortable. But you can always use a special saddle designed for pony play or a normal equine designed saddle if you want to use one when riding your pony on four legs. Whatever appeals to your… tastes wink*.

You should also make sure your riding pony doesn’t have any back and/or neck issues because being ridden can make the problem worse; carrying someone either on two or four legs can put a lot of strain on someone’s back. Besides, you should also make sure your pony it’s in good shape, so you better make them exercise regularly to keep up.

If you want to ride them on four legs, you will also want kneepads to get them more comfortable; remember their knees will be under a lot of pressure, so kneepads are a good cushion. For the rider, you can always get some spurs in order to get the whole look, but be careful because they can badly injure your pony. If you want to use them, look up how to properly use them without creating damage.

For the rest of the look and equipment, you can get a bit, with or without bridle, and some reins. And obviously, don’t forget the tail and riding crop to motivate your pony, wink*. Additionally, you can make your pony wear a harness too if you like how it looks.

Riding a pony on four legs it’s quite alike to riding a real horse, so the same techniques apply. The biggest difference is probably the distance between the rider and the floor. When your pony has all the necessary equipment to ride, mount them and take the reins. To move forward, you can put some pressure on your legs and then release or you can use vocal commands. If they are being stubborn, you can always skim them on the rear with your crop. If they still don’t respond, do it harder and stop the commands when they obey. When they are moving forward they should do so at a constant speed; if they don’t, or stop without you commanding them, feel free to punish them. They should be able to keep up the pace you are setting for them. To direct them, use the reins. If you put more pressure on one of the reins, it means you want to go in that direction. In the case your pony it’s not responsive, flick them with your crop on the opposite shoulder you want to go. Remember not to do it on the butt because that means to speed up! Alternatively you can also do it applying pressure on your legs if you don’t have a crop.

If you are looking to slow down, put some gentle pressure on both reins and release. How much pressure you put on the reins, it will depend on how much you want them to slow. When they have stopped, release the pressure… and tell them “whoa” wink*.

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