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Essential Toys & Gear Every Pony Must Have

If you are new to pony play or are interested in this creative BDSM play, you will need to start learning a lot of different things. Just like learning new things at school (but infinite times more fun!), pony play is a subject with its owns terms, categories and general things you need to understand and get the most out of your playtime, especially among fellow pony play lovers. Let’s start the lesson:

  • Catsuits are usually worn by ponies in order to look better…I mean, who doesn’t love a catsuit? Having said that, some ponies prefer to wear something else, so at the end it’s your choice. And saddles are optional as well.
  • Tails are one of the most used pieces of tack. You can find them as different points of attachments, as a butt plug or a pony’s harness. And the materials also have lots of varieties, like bylow, real horsehair, synthetic hair…
  • Masks are very often used to imitate a bio-equine head. They can be as realistic as you want and can be worn with a rein. They also enhance the whole bondage experience and the sensory depravation, so awesome on all ends, right?
  • Ok, but what the hell is a bio equine? This term refers to the biological animal and it’s used to separate real animals from human ponies. It’s especially useful if the person participating in the pony play wants to be called a horse instead of pony.
  • A Bit it’s helpful when it comes to controlling the head with attached reins. The bit is put in the mouth and it’s held there with a bridle. Unlike with bio equines, the bit will be on the molars instead of the canine teeth and you can find them in three different categories: snaffles, curbs and andpelhams.
  • You will also likely need a bridle, that it’s an object that is used to guide the pony. The bridle usually holds what goes inside the mouth. Through a bit, you can also attach the reins to the bridle.
  • Cross ties are the lines that will be attached to the bridle to make the pony stand straight. This is used instead of lead rope because the pony can shift a lot. Stay still! Wink*.
  • If you want your pony to pull a cart, you will need some long driving reins to direct them.
  • For you to guide your pony and tie them to something, like a tree or post, you will want to use some lead rope. This is used with a halter; they are both put in the pony’s head to tie them to something.
  • If you don’t have anything where to tie your pony, you want to use hobbles for your pony to stand still or for them to restrict their movement. Also, if your pony is a kicker, you definitely want these. And you can also use vet wrap, a sticking self bondage material to retrain or restrict your pony.
  • For those who want to play vet, you can use some needle play. It’s similar to getting a piercing with no jewelry; this can be linked to “acupuncture” for your pony.
  • Now, piercings can be really useful. You can use them as points of attachments…such as: you can attach your reins to some nipple piercings or use a tongue piercing to attach a bit to control your pony’s tongue and mouth; you can also use septum piercings to lead a pony…without the halter.
  • Shock collars are controlled by remote control and are used to deliver a shock to the pony. As the trainer, you can decide the intensity and duration of the shock, so be careful.
  • On that same line we have electrified butt plugs. Just like a normal butt plug but this time, they also deliver electrical shocks. They are very intense, so they can be used as pleasure or punishment, you decide how training goes!
  • More electricity? You can try an electrified urethral rod. The rod is inserted to the pony’s urethra and some electric shock is provided by the remote control the trainer has. It’s useful when it comes to controlling and training your pony as, you guessed it, can be painful or pleasurable.

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