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Here Kitty, Kitty! Female Kitten RolePlay

Kitten play is one of the most common and popular ways in which people partake on pet play. It dates back to a really long time ago, and it’s no surprise us humans are so tempted by it…who doesn’t love a cute little kitty? Wink* In kitty play, the submissive woman takes on the role of a cat or kitten and her dominant partner will become the human or owner. Kitten play is great because it allows the woman to take on some of the natural behavior occurring in kittens, making up for a really fun play time. They kitten will have to act like a cat, so they will have to meow and move like a cat; however, as cats are somewhat independent, the kitty will also sometimes act independently. Probably another reason why it’s so very popular…

The most usual way to “get” yourself a kitten, it’s to get your partner collared as you would normally. But if a kitten does not belong to anyone, then she doesn’t have to! If you encounter an un-collared or un-owned kitten, they are usually called strays (the more you know!). A cool thing about kitten play is it can adapt to several personality traits the person has, for instance, if they are obedient, passive and docile, they will can be a house cat or enjoy Japanese neko. On the other hand, if your kitty is more dominant, they can be wild cats or great cats, something like a cheetah or a panther. If they are a bit wilder, they can be switches and can be referred as feral kittens. Be welcomed to explore and discover what fits you best or what combination makes you feel more comfortable!

During kitten play, the submissive will not only act as a cat, they will also have to look like one. In order to do so, tails, ears, catsuits and make up are very common during play time. You will need to get a bowl for your kitten to drink milk (you can mix some alcohol with it or even chocolate!) or even some champagne if the kitten prefers. Another important item here will be toys for the kitten. As any cat you have encountered in your life, your kitty will probably love yarn balls…or shibari ropes wink*. You can visit the pet shop and get some real cat toys for your human kitten girl, no one will know for whom you are getting those toys wink*.

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