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Pet Roleplay Ideas for Beyond the Bedroom

Pet play is extremely fun. Just ask anyone who has tried it and you’ll see wink*. You can either enjoy some time off as a lovely kitten or puppy… or you can be the owner of a cute kitty or a rambunctious puppy, if you so desire. The good thing is you can do plenty of things when you are involved with pet play; it doesn’t even need to be sexual! In fact, most of the activities involved with it are actually non-sexual in nature. So, to get an idea about some things you can try, here’s a list:

  • If you have a puppy, you can play fetch with them
  • On the other hand, if you have a cat it’s likely they will enjoy playing with some yarn the best.
  • You can also go for a walk with your puppy. Just don’t forget the leash! And you can even take the walk around the house/backyard.
  • Kitties also like to sunbathe, so you can take them outside for them to lie down and be lazy for a while.
  • And speaking about kitties, chances are you can make them chase things. Especially shiny objects! Wink*.
  • And dogs usually like to play with a frisbee with their owners!
  • You can also watch some TV with your little kitten cuddled in your lap. You can pet them for a while for them to fall asleep…
  • Another fun activity that works for both of them is to train them with commands. Just like you would with a regular pet, you can train them to sit, catch, play dead and whatever else you can think of and imagine. There are endless possibilities, so be creative!
  • You can have tickle fights or wrest a little with them.
  • Most pets also love to get dressed and enjoy the process of transforming themselves into their preferred pet.

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