Here's What Happens in a Pony Physical Exam

In order for you to perform a physical exam on your pony, you will probably need to restrict them first…you don’t know if they will run when they see the equipment you will use wink*. Here it’s a guide for a general physical exam if you want to try it but don’t know where to start, feel free to modify to your tastes/possibilities:

  • First, you need to observe your pony and see how they are behaving and acting. Those can be telltale signs of an ailment…
  • You can run your hands through their head and hears, checking if everything it’s normal. And don’t forget to carefully check the eyes!
  • Move to their mouth, lift their upper lip and check the moisture. You can also check the gums and tongue…maybe gently scrape it as well.
  • Go through the neck and chest. If you have a female pony, don’t forget to thoroughly go over the breasts wink*, nipples included as well. Maybe you can wash them with a towel before you start checking them…
  • Go down to their stomach and apply some pressure… to see if their organs are functioning properly, of course. If you have a female pony, examine the vulva, if they are male, go over the testicles and penis. Then, lift their tail and do a rectal exam.
  • Move over to the legs and see if they have any sore muscles or abnormalities.
  • When the general exam is done, you can go over… more thoroughly examinations in the places where you had doubts about something being wrong wink*.
  • You can add a dental exam… If they are female, you can always add a vaginal examination as well. Or maybe go over their breasts once again, to make sure there aren’t any lumps.

Again, remember this is only a basic guide to give you some ideas about where to start, but modify it to your liking and you and your ponies desires. Bye, doctor wink*.

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