Tips for a Great Aftercare Session

Any dominant should know exactly how important a session of aftercare is every now and then and when it is necessary to have one with your submissive partner. This is essential for the success of your relationship and will bring you better sexual experiences in the future so don’t underestimate its magical power! Aftercare will not only help both of you relax and get back to a balance point with your relationship and emotions but it will also make your slave feel loved and cherished. And there is one rule: The most intense the sexual encounter gets and the harder the punishment becomes, the more loving and caring should be the aftercare session. So, let’s see how you can make sure that your slave is taken care of after all the sexual stimulation and activities that you shared with them during an intense or even extreme BDSM scene!

1. Cuddling

Yes, cuddling! Cuddling can successfully be done between a dominant and a slave, not during a spanking session or course, as well as not during an intense punishment session while your slave is tied in some form of bondage. But after such an intense sexual play, it might be time for some romance and cuddling is a great step in that direction. Your slave will feel loved and even protected if you hold them tight and share some chilling couch time with them. And they will be more willing to satisfy your future sexual fantasies because they see how much you care for them too which will make them want to return the favor even more. So, cuddle a little, you love birds!

2. Massage

We all like a good massage, erotic or not but if it is an erotic one even better. Now, some of your BDSM encounters with your slave might get a little rough and they might need a nice massage afterwards and who would do it better than their beloved dominant? Let’s set things clear: this is the dominant’s job because the slave shows their love and appreciation most of the time during the sexual scenes so there is no question about their feelings. However, there might be a question about their dominant feelings toward them if all they get is rough punishments and no love at all! So, share some love through a nice massage and tell them just how much you appreciate their sexy body and running your hands over it! You will love to do that as well!

3. Having a softcore sexual experience

Softcore sexual encounters might not be on top of your priorities as a dominant and that is quite understandable. However, every now and then those encounters have almost healing powers for your relationship! And even if you don’t indulge into often softcore sessions, every once in a while it might be all your partner needs to feel appreciated and loved by you and to perform even better during your future BDSM encounters! Don’t forget that your relationship is based on feelings and attachment and that should be celebrated too among the rest of your sexual fantasies and fetishes! Underestimating this aspect of your relationship will only bring damage on the long run and it will be harder to fix it. Plus, who doesn’t like some softcore and erotic sexual encounter every now and then?

With that being said, aftercare sessions are simply wonderful when you feel like your relationship became too physical and not in the best of ways. You have to keep your attachment strong and your mutual trust as well. A relationship based on trust and love will be able to reach so much more kinky sexual experiences than any other relationship. Plus, you want your slave to feel appreciated on a daily basis and not used constantly like a toy even if during a BDSM encounter this is so amazingly hot!

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