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3 Tips to Help You Heal From Sexual Trauma

Sexual trauma can leave a victim scarred physically and emotionally. If you go through a traumatic sexual experience such as a forced sexual encounter or an abusive one, then you it could confuse you and affect your plans to start a new relationship. However, you shouldn’t let such experiences define your sexuality or determine your emotional future. While it is important to get professional help when you find yourself in such a position, no therapist can do the work you must do to help yourself. Think about all the women who were victims of unfortunate events who found a way to move on with their lives and built happy and healthy relationships. Hence, overcoming such experiences is entirely up to you and your desire to go on from it stronger than ever. Here are some ways you should consider to help you recover both physically and emotionally from sexual trauma.

1. Rediscover your sexuality

When you start your recovery, you will need to be able to understand your body all over again. Do not let what happened to you define you. Start masturbating in an erotic way without using anything but your bare hands to rediscover the extremely sensitive parts of your body. Once you are comfortable touching yourself then you can introduce other sex toys and accessories to increase your pleasure even more. Try adding a dildo, or vibrator and even a pair of nipple clams to reach an intense and exciting orgasm on your own. Use your imagination to help you along the way. You could even watch some erotic videos to regain your confidence and feel sexy about yourself again.

2. Don’t be afraid to date

It is common for people who go through sexual trauma to develop a certain amount of fear when it comes to dating. But once you are ready to move on from the masturbation phase give yourself the chance to have new sexual experiences by having an exciting physical intercourse with a partner you feel comfortable with. You might not be ready to develop an entire relationship just yet, but it shouldn’t stop you from having an active and satisfying sex life. When you overcome your sexual fear you will be ready to invest emotionally in a steady partner and perhaps open your heart to a healthy and emotional connection. You don’t have to tell everyone what you’ve been through. However, it is best to let your future partner know about your traumatic experience so they can help you heal from it even faster. Quite often the hardest part of healing is not physical but the emotional aspect of the entire experience.

3. Try out new fetishes and fantasies

After you’ve developed a level of sexual confidence you can go ahead and try out new types of sexual experiences. Anal games are a great start to add some diversity to your sex life. You can start by trying a nice butt plug in a size you are comfortable with. If you are already in a relationship then team up with your partner to try anal sex. If you are a beginner, make sure to have your favorite lube handy. You can also try out electro stimulating devices while both of you are masturbating and during sexual intercourse. These sex toys add a new level of stimulation and can transform your sexual encounter from something ordinary to a highly intense one. If you are ready to dive into new fetishes and fantasies you will be able to create new sexual patterns for yourself. Doing so will help you forget the old ones.

Renewing your sexual life will replace your fear with excitement and make you be stronger when it comes to having future relationships. Remember to ask your partner for ideas and see what their fantasies are so you can use it to discover new sex scenes together.

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