Vibrators are not just girls’ toys and more and more men discover this lately! The market offers now plenty of vibrators for men that can be used both individually and as part of their sexual fantasies with their partner. And if you are curious about trying any of these exciting toys, you might be overwhelmed by the variety of options that the industry offers and the amazing sexual satisfaction that you can reach through them! Let’s look at some of the most popular vibrators for men and see how you can incorporate them into your deepest fantasies! And your partner will love them as well!

1. Vibrating penis pumps

If you thought penis pumps are exciting, wait until you try the vibrating penis pumps! This is great for individual use as well as for a hot and intense BDSM scene with your partner. By squeezing this pump, the pleasure and sexual stimulation is so intense that you can reach orgasm in no time or make your partner reach it in case you are using the pump on them. Some penis pumps are transparent which will allow you to see your penis growing inside of it and impressing your partner as well! It is easy to release pressure and add pressure when you use penis pumps and you can do it yourself or you can let your dominant or mistress have their way on this matter. Regardless to how you use this sex toy, it is a great asset to your sex arsenal and it will keep you entertained for a long time!

2. Vibrating cock cages

Cock cages are some of the most popular cock sex toys especially among the BDSM enthusiasts. Male slaves and their dominant couldn’t love and appreciate these little devices more but nowadays, there are also vibrating cock cages! This takes the whole cock cage experience to a new level! First of all, these devices help you maintain an erection for a longer period of time which will make your dominant’s dream come true and you will be able to enjoy the sexual scene even more! They are made of pleasant material and their vibration is just hard to resist to. But it gets even better. These vibrating cages prevent ejaculation and help you prolong climaxes as much as you want! What more could a man want? Not to mention that most quality vibrating penis cages are waterproof so if you want to spend some long kinky time in the pool or in the shower you can always feel free to do so!

3. Vibrating cock rings

These cock rings are similar in performance with the cock cages, and they can vibrate as well! However, they are easier to wear and they don’t seem to be so present as vibrating cock cages are, which means you will not have your partner’s attention on them more than on your penis! The variety of BDSM scenes that you can use these vibrating cock rings is endless, and you can enjoy them while you are a dominant as well as while you are a submissive. Switching roles in BDSM sexual encounters is becoming a hot trend so if you didn’t try it, you should consider that! You can use them to stay excited for a longer period of time while you keep stimulating your partner or you can have your partner use them on you while they keep stimulating you without allowing you to indulge in an orgasm.

The best way to enjoy vibrating sex toys like these ones, is to set your mind free and see where it takes you! And if you don’t feel very creative every time, just let your partner decide what to do with them and what kind of BDSM scene they can put together while you are wearing such stimulating devices. Chances are they will come up with some interesting ideas and you will stay excited for hours until you will eventually be allowed to have an orgasm!

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