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Feathers, Scarves and Other Tame Toys for Beginners

A dominant is often only as good as the toys in his arsenal. An impressive and fully stocked treasure chest is worth its weight in gold. BDSM is all about play, after all—so the more toys you have, the more fun the experience will be for you and your partner.

To add to the excitement and anticipation, keep your treasure chest locked or make it off-limits to your partner. That way, you can reveal your toys one at a time as you are ready to work them into your sex play. You will keep your partner on his toes with your endless series of sexy surprises! And if you catch your partner snooping, you can always punish him with some spankings.

Let your partner create a “wish list” of toys and accessories she would like to try. It is then up to you to decide whether to include those items on your shopping list. You may use them as rewards if your partner pleases you. Ideally, you should try to put a creative spin on the requested items or add some sort of fun “extra,” just to give things an unexpected twist. For example, if your partner mentions a curiosity about handcuffs, maybe you can find some furry handcuffs in her favorite color, or a shade that happens to match a scarf or necktie you have—so they can be used together as a set.

What should you include in your toy box, treasure chest, or playroom supply closet? That’s a matter of personal preference, and will often depend on the specific activities you plan to engage in with your partner. Discovering your own special and unique toys is half the fun. But some basic “sex supply staples” are considered standard for most playrooms.

Playing with Toys

Probably the easiest (and least intimidating) toys to start with are the innocent looking and readily available things like scarves and feathers. One advantage of these types of toys is that you can easily find them anywhere. If you or your partner is a bit timid or nervous about purchasing or playing with toys, this can be a relatively tame way to take that first step

But just because scarves aren’t necessarily as shocking or risqué as some other toys in your arsenal doesn’t mean they can’t be sexy or exciting. There are lots of ways to up the ante and add an extra element of spice to these common items. For example, you could spray the scarves with your favorite perfume or cologne—or better yet, find a creative way to infuse them with your own intimate body scents.

The same goes for feathers. You can use feathers and scarves to create a special sexy outfit for yourself or your partner—which can then be modeled and incorporated into your sensual bedroom routine, and removed in passion later.

When using toys at the mild end of the spectrum, add creativity and imagination. Conjure up an X-rated scenario or role-playing adventure using scarves and/or feathers. Or use them to tease your partner, exquisitely torturing her by slowly running the feather lightly along her thighs or breasts. Tickle her in sensitive areas. Tantalize her by dancing the feathers over her erogenous zones. Using this to build anticipation will help you get to the point where your lover is begging you to take things further.

You can incorporate a feather duster into a “sex slave” or role-playing game. Order your submissive to dress up in a sexy slave outfit—or perhaps as a nude housecleaner—and have him do some household chores with the same feather duster you will use to tease him later. This will allow your lover to imagine the sweet torture you have planned after his chores are done.

To get the maximum benefit, combine feather teasing with licking, nibbling, and other moves that will get your partner hot and have her squirming in pleasure. Many people enjoy combining feathers with blindfolds. If your partner cannot see, she will be hypersensitive to even the lightest touch, and your feather teasing will feel even more amazing.

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