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Sex Toys and Accessories with Ancient Origins

Sex toy sand accessories are not all of recent origin, even if they did get developed a lot along the years and new ones appeared to complete intense fetishes and fantasies. However, the basic sex toys were invented since ancient times and they only discovered new levels of improvement as decades past by. It might me mind blowing for some to understand that they favorite sexual gadget is actually hundreds of years old and it was used in a variety of ways along the history of sexuality which also suffered some complex developments. But let’s overcome the amazement of the fact and see what are the sex toys and accessories that have a respectable history and we are still enjoying them today just as much as our ancestors did!

1. Butt plugs

Butt plugs are nothing new, even if the different versions of some butt plugs might be. Frank E. Young was the first to discover the potential of such devices and also the first who created different butt plugs for sexual stimulation. The very first version of butt plugs came around in 1892 but they got to be more commercial in the 20th century. It was originally sold as a cure for piles but soon enough its sexual functions became more popular than its medical purpose. However, since sexuality was treated different more than a hundred years ago, butt plugs were advertised as medical devices and also presented like that even if their inventor knew better and was able to see their true potential. Nowadays, they became the main sex toys for a bunch of anal fetishes and stimulation and couples all over the world gave butt plugs a try at least once during their intense and exciting sexual encounters.

2. Penis rings and chastity devices

Stimulating the penis was a concern that man had since the beginning of times. Along the history they discovered new ways of sexual stimulation and new sex toys and accessories were invented to go along with such fantasies. Cock rings and chastity devices are some of the most intense forms of stimulation for guys and they can provide them with new sexual sensations that they wouldn’t know otherwise. There are chastity devices for women too, but they were invented later and became less popular than the male ones. Cock rings were discovered in the Chinese royalties, when rulers were pressed to have sons in order to continue the dynasty. And they were expected to satisfy their wives and mistresses on a regular basis which involved a lot of sexual performance. Cock rings had a great contribution in this sexual performance and rulers were using them to maintain an erection and satisfy their women as often as was needed in order to get them pregnant. And sometimes sexual intercourse was lasting for hours, which was very difficult without such devices. Since then, cock rings became popular all over the world and they do bring undoubtful benefits to any sexual encounter!

3. The good, old vibrator

Vibrators are around since 1869 and they continue to be some of the basic sex toys used by couples and single women equally. They were improved over time but they serve the same purpose: the stimulation of intimate parts until reaching an intense level of sexual satisfaction. They were invented in the Victorian period by doctors who were treating hysterical women by masturbating them. At first they used other devices or even their hands during the masturbation which was considered to be a medical necessity for some women. But as soon as the first vibrator came along, it became the most important tool for such situations. George Taylor invented the first steam-powered vibrator which led to the J. Granville’s electrotechnical version of it in 1880. Women started to appreciate these devices soon enough and before they know it, they were using them every time they needed to masturbate.

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