Love Dolls and What You Should Know about Them

Love dolls seem to be some of the most exciting sex toys of our time but even so, they are not dedicated to a large mass of public since they match certain fetishes and sexual fantasies that not all men might share. A love doll, also known as a sex doll, simulates as much as possible the featured of a woman and some are so evolved that create even reactions to certain sexual stimulations, even if not the reactions that you might be used to receive from your girlfriend. However, these toys are great for sexual intercourse and masturbation and they seem to be highly efficient for some men. But let’s see what are the main aspects and differences between a love doll and a real sexual experience with a partner because there are limitations and advantages for sure.

1. Love dolls will not offer passion but will always be there

One big advantage about owning a love doll is that it will always be there to satisfy your needs during your long sessions of masturbation. They are great for people that are not in a relationship but they need to feel some sort of closer with someone while they are trying to reach an intense orgasm. However, these dolls will never give you the passionate kisses and touches or even blowjobs that your girlfriend would give you and this might make you feel less satisfying by such a sex toy than you expect to be.

2. You can treat your girlfriend or wife as a love doll for the sake of mutual sexual satisfaction

To enjoy the fantasy of having sexual intercourse or stimulation with a love doll you don’t really need one. You can talk to your partner about your fantasy and they might be interested in it just as much as you are. You can make your girl wear certain sex accessories and use different toys such as nipple clamps, orgasm belts, butt plugs or whatever you might be turned on by and tell them to act like a love doll while you are engaging in a hot sex or sexual stimulation or intercourse. This can be a hot sexual game that will turn both of you on and you might even discover fetishes and fantasies that you didn’t know you had. So, why not give it a try?

3. Gags are useless on a love doll but so efficient on your girlfriend

Some guys and even some women, especially the dominant type, love when their partner wears a gag during a sexual encounter. Gags give a visual satisfaction but also a functional one since your partner will have to remain silent and not be able to have a voice during your intense sessions of sexual stimulation or exciting intercourse. However, your love doll will be silent most of the time so making her wear a gag will not be so effective and will definitely not give you the sexual satisfaction that you are aiming for. But sex dolls have other advantages that you, as a dominant, might very much like! They remain still and never argue your sexual decisions during a hot sex scene. You can use your imagination and creative ways to build complex roleplays while plays with your doll. And many other benefits. But gags are not the thing to try if you want to be turned on. Unless you are only into the visual stimulation of this kind of fetish and not the functional part of it.

Love dolls definitely have their benefits as well as they have their disadvantages. Since they are dolls, they will never be very similar to a real woman and the experience that you have with them will never be exactly the same as the experience that you can have with a real partner. But, you can always develop new ways to use your sex doll for your oen benefit and practice and some sex toys is all you need to do that!

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