Ultimate Guide to Using a Steel Anal Hook

Steel Anal Hooks are super popular on BDSM play, and I’m not exactly talking about fishing wink*. The most used ones are anal and vaginal hooks; but they are usually reserved by more advanced level players, if you get my drift. But they can also be great for anyone willing to try something different, so don’t get intimidated.

Commonly, anal hooks are made out of stainless steel and have a J shape. Some models have a ball or a plug at one side to insert it better and an o-ring on the other end to put the rope better. What’s more, some hooks have those detachable ends so you can play with the different attachments. And while others don’t have any attachments, keep in mind all hooks will have a rounded end for better insertion…and safety.

Now, anal hooks are great for both sexes, but men get something extra because they were kind of designed with the intention of stimulating the prostate. A good way to use them if you are an experienced user (only if you know what you are doing!) is to insert the anal hook, put the rope through the o-ring and then use that rope to tie to the body. When the rope it’s secured to the body, you can tie it off on something else. Just remember hooks are not meant to suspend anyone!

On the other hand, the anal hook has a bit of torture element. Some people say they were originated in medieval times as a form of torture to unwilling individuals, so you can say things have changed a little bit. But with that in mind, you can get some ideas for creative and fun play. You can even mix it up with some shibari or come up with some new ways…

You should always practice good hygiene with these toys in order to avoid the spread of bacteria and germs. You can clean them with alcohol, a toy cleaner or soap and water. But every time you insert it on anybody, especially if you are sharing the toy with different people, you have to disinfect it. Keep in mind the anal area is very delicate and you have to be extra careful to keep everybody safe. You can always do an enema before using it and some rubber gloves (has anybody said medical play yet? wink*). You can also put a condom on the device for extra precaution as well. As for the insertion, make sure to use plenty of lubrication before, during and after. And well, the golden rule always applies: If you don’t know how to do something or are unsure about your abilities, get someone to teach you how to do it properly before doing it on somebody else and practice before playing!

So, now that I can see you are interested, wink* shall we have a peak at some of the different devices?

  • Ass hook: This is an anal J shaped hook with a detachable ball on the insertable end. On the other end there is an o-ring that can be used to tie some rope. It’s for those experienced in anal hooking and bondage, so take care.
  • Trailer hitch cock and anal toy: Also, double trailer hitch cock and anal toy. Now, the steel balls of this device are inserted in the anus, leaving the steel bar placed over the perineum and all over the cock and balls. This toy can also be used as a cock ring with some anal insertion for extra fun during sex or you can also use it with a strap on dildo for those sexy times.
  • Vaginal and ass hook: A steel round bar shaped like a J with a part at one end to be used as a part to put some rope. This model doesn’t have a detachable end, but the bar is round to make it more comfortable (and safe!). This is also meant to be used by experts only and experienced ones!

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