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Surprising Facts about Anal Sex

Anal sex may not be for everyone, but you’d be surprised to know it has been around for a very long time. And also, did you know there are exhibitions in museums about anal sex? Who knew…maybe this is the perfect bait to drag that someone in your life to a museum wink*

But as I was saying, it is interesting to know it was practiced by several ancient civilizations - more specifically Peruvian cultures from the first to the eight century A.D. In this case anal sex was a normal way for to consenting individuals to have sex, but something that had a lot of health benefits; they believed the semen increased the milk production in lactating women so couples engaged in this act after having a baby. Another believe is they may have resorted to it because in those times they really didn’t had reliable birth control methods like condoms and IUD’s. Thank you modern science.

Other civilizations that practiced anal sex were the Romans and the Greeks. But in this case it was practiced between an older man and a younger one….it is believed this was due to a form of ‘teaching’ and that was the only acceptable way to engage in some anal fun. Bisexual men also practiced it and it was normal between heterosexual couples because once again, no birth controls methods. But strangely that weird older man and younger man tutor relationship was the only anal sex form that was not a taboo. Yeah, I’m also glad society has changed.

Another interesting part about this practice is even then, they knew about the importance of lubrication. In those ancient times they didn’t had marketed lubes, so they needed to resort to olive oil. Once again we should be lucky we are in the 21 century and don’t have to use those things. And FYI, don’t use any oil as lube because they don’t work with latex condoms; it is best to use silicone or water based lubricant. Don’t use oil, we are not the ancient greeks!

And I have another fun fact for you: do you know anal sex is illegal in some states in the US? It may sound surprising that it is still something illegal in some areas, but there you have it. So you may want to check your state legislation before you partake in some anal fun…you never know if the police may barge into your bedroom at the worst possible time wink*

Lastly, are you aware even animals partake in anal sex? Science has found that dolphins, giraffes, grey whales, killer whales and bonobos have their anal fun as well. What is more, they also engage in male orgies and lesbian sex as well…yes, animals are definitely more sexually liberated than our modern society.

Now, if you want to try anal sex you should keep a few things in mind. The first thing is to always, always, use a condom. The next thing is to use plenty of lube and always go slow. You should use generous lubrication all around your anus and your finger because yes, you always need to prepare that area with your finger before you insert anything else. Ideally you should begin with a finger and then build up slowly from there; you can then move on to an anal plug to get used to the sensation. If you are using a toy, just remember to clean it every time and disinfect it often (and every time if you play with different people).

When you are finally ready, you can move on to penetration with your partner’s penis or with a dildo. But the same rules apply: use a lot of lube in both the anus and the penetrating element and begin very slowly. If it hurts, stop immediately. You may need to get used to the sensations, but it should never hurt!

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