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Top 3 Anal Sex Toys for Beginners

Whether you are in a relationship or not, it is important not to let yourself fall into a sexual routine. This is a risk that many couples take, especially after some years in a relationship, and it can really damage the intimate connection between people. As hot as sexual encounters are with your lover, you don’t want to repeat the same moves all over again because that would make both of you lose interest in your intimate life. It is obviously hard to add something new to your sex life every day, week or month, but you can definitely add some adrenalin to it every time you want. You can do this by increasing the sexual stimulation between the two of you or by trying out new fetishes and fantasies together. When it comes to spicing up your sex life getting into anal games might just be the best step forward. If you are a beginner in the matter you have to know that anal sex is a gradual experience and you need to learn to enjoy every step of it. Here are some sex toys and accessories that can help you reach an intense sexual satisfaction with you partner or alone!

1. Anal plugs

When it comes to anal toys, anal plugs are the most popular ones and definitely something you should try out. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to suit you and your partner’s needs to give you an amazing experience that will keep you craving for more. Make sure both of you agree when it comes to the size of the butt plug. Even if that means starting small in the beginning and giving yourself time to get used to the new sexual toy that you are exploring. If you do things right you will have plenty of time to increase the size of your anal plug and incorporate anal games into all kinds of sexual encounters. Chances are you will end up having a collection of these butt plugs and at least one crystal tip that you can enjoy every time your partner bends over. Whatever option you choose to enjoy a hot anal game, make sure not to catch your partner by surprise with this one because they might develop a traumatic feeling that will affect all your future plans when it comes to anal plugs.

2. Prostate stimulators

Prostate is to man, as what G-spot is to women, an intense erogenous zone that can be extremely sexually stimulated. The market offers a variety of prostate stimulators that you can try out alone or with your partner. All you need to do is know your own sexuality and keep an open mind in order to discover new ways to please your spouse and make your sexual encounters even more intense. You can successfully try out prostrate stimulators alone during masturbation sessions in order to experience a more intense and exciting orgasm. It is actually recommended to try such sex toys on your own before you incorporate them into your sexual encounters with a partner. This will help you get used to the new sensations and understand your body even better so you can know how to share that type of sexual pleasure and energy with your lover.

3. Double dildos

Girls are lucky too when it comes to the variety of anal sex toys that they can try. Besides the classic dildos and butt plugs they can try out a pair of panties that is designed with two dildos incorporated into them. The amazing part of this is that the two dildos are inflatable so you can adjust their sizes to what you are comfortable with. You can even wear these panties all day long at work, the grocery store and just inflate the dildos when you have a moment to enjoy some sexual pleasure in your sweet spot. Double dildo panties can be incorporated into a variety of sex scenes that you can enjoy with your lover, such as bondage scenes, impact play scenes, or you can even wear them while giving your lover and intense blow job.

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