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Clitoral Pump Safety First Guide

If you have never thought about using a clitoral pump before, it may be time to rethink that decision. It may seem something only women in porn do or something only people who are into medical play would do, but the don’t be fooled by appearances (in sex toys and life in general, wink*). Using clitoral pumps has many advantages you probably have not heard about before. For example, did you know they improve a woman’s stimulation? Or that they can give you a tighter sensation during sex? And if that alone is not enough for you, keep in mind the visuals alone may be enough to add something extra to the game, kind of like a penis pump. Only that in this case, this enlargement will also produce more arousal and sensitivity, besides better penetration. To sum up, clitoral pumps enlarge tissue like the labia and clitoris, creating more sensitivity and tightness.

Clitoral pumps are placed over the labia. After the pump is filled, the blood vessels will concentrate on that area, swelling the labia, clitoris and other surrounding areas. When this enlargement takes place, the tissue becomes more sensitive. This is clearly a good thing; think about increasing sensations during intercourse, when someone is performing oral sex on you or when you are playing with a vibrator or dildo or some other toy.

If you have experienced some insensitivity issues, vaginal discomfort or clitoris pain, you should talk to your doctor before trying one. Remember pumps create enlargement of the tissue that surrounds the labia and the clitoris itself, so it will augment any sensitivity you may have, including pain. That is why they might create discomfort in those women. So once you have check up with them and if you get the go ahead from you OB/GYN, here are some things to keep in mind when you try it on:

  • You will require some lubrication to avoid any discomfort and dryness. That is why you will want to use some lub around the suction cup, more specifically on the edges. Oh! And make sure you are using a water-based lubricant if you have a silicone cup in your pump.
  • When you place the pump over the labia, make sure to create a very tight seal. This will guarantee the quick release valve to stay closed; this way the air will not escape.
  • When you start squeezing the pump bulb, go slowly and do it until you feel your labia swell. Some instructions will say to pump until you can’t do it anymore, but my advice is to just pump till you feel comfortable. Remember sensitivity varies from person to person and even day to day, so some days you may feel you’re pumping less than others and so on. That is way is important to go slow (always a good advice!)
  • As you release the bulb, make sure the cup remains on the skin. If the cup falls off, it means you should probably keep up the pumping. Once you have released the valve, let the air escape. Then you can take off the suction cup and start the adventure!
  • Can you hurt yourself using a pump? It is not likely if you have followed the safety guides. But if by chance you experience pain, sensitivity issues or vaginal discomfort, stop using it (they are meant to bring pleasure, not pain!) and consult with your doctor.

Ok, now that you know all the safety precautions and how to use them you will probably be wondering what model you should acquire. And to that I say, rest assured my love, because the market is actually quite small. This means the vast majority of them are almost alike in style, shape, design and even colors! All pumps have the same parts (suction cup, squeeze pump and release valve) so variation is not the norm. And this does not mean the higher the price, the better. Most models use silicone, so KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid, wink*), in another words, don’t spend more money on fancier designs and keep it simple.

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