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How to Use a Clitoral Pump

Clitoral pumps are great, everybody knows that, right? Wink*. There are many reasons why you should incorporate one to your sex life, the first two being how it looks and how it feels. After using a clitoral pump, the vulva looks enlarged and the whole area will be more sensitive, which, as you can assume, is a very good thing. Now, before getting one there are some things you should keep in mind.

You would not buy a dress that did not fit and is the wrong size, right? Well, you should follow that same principle when getting a pump. If you have a cup that doesn’t fit you, chances are it will be painful…besides of unpleasant… like wearing a bra that does not fit. If the cup is too large for you, it will completely cover your anus. Every time you pump, it will also suck around the very delicate skin there and I don’t need to tell you how painful it its. On the other hand, if it its too small for you, it will sit in the right places but after one or two pumps you won’t be able to pump more. Basically it will be useless.

So just as you should measure your breasts to know what is your bra size, you should also measure other parts wink*. Obviously you won’t get a precise measure, but it’s always good to have an idea about the general size and measurements of things down under. Measure from where the top of your pubic mound begins (clitoral shaft) to just below your vaginal entrance (perineum). In addition to it, you can also measure the width of your bikini line from one side to the other. Now that you have your measurements, you will have an idea about the size of the clitoral pump that will most likely fit.

When you have the perfect clitoral sized pump for you, it’s time to get cracking (or pumping he he). You can shave or wax the parts where the cup will be placed; see, you don’t have to do this to enjoy it but know you will get a better seal if things are… smoother down there. When there’s too much around, the seal can be a bit hard to manipulate. Then, all that is left is set aside some time to really enjoy the experience without interruptions…and don’t forget to get some lubrication!

First, apply generous lube in the skin where the cup will be and around the edges of said cup. Then, you can lie down on your back and open your legs; place the top of the cup in your pubic mound and make sure the bottom of the cup has covered your vaginal entrance. Push the cup into the skin carefully to make everything airtight and start to squeeze the bulb. You will see the labia and the clit being sucked into the cup. If you see there’s no seal, just move the cup a little bit a try again. You will feel a swelling sensation and you will feel your clit harden; the swelling and enlarged look will go once you stop pumping, some swelling can be noticed after an hour or two, but by the next day things will look as they are.

Now, keep in mind the suction will feel more intense when you are releasing the bulb. Just remember the rule “squeeze fast and release slow”. You will also want to take it slow and measure the sensations before going one step further; one pump can make all the difference. You can release the suction every once in a while to allow blood flow and to take a little break, it will feel much better.

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