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Your Ultimate Guides to Clitoral Pumps

Best Positions for Intense Clitoral Stimulation
For most women, if not all of them, clitoral stimulation is the only way to achieve orgasms. So, if you want to have a mind blowing orgasm, you need to do this.
Pussy pumping your way to orgasm
The clitoris is an organ. Most important, is an erectile organ. This will happen when the woman attached to it gets turned on, so that is a perk. As you know, when something becomes erect, the blood comes to that particular body part; and since we are there, why not use a pussy pump to increase the sensation?
How to use a Clitoral Pump
Clitoral pumps are great, everybody knows that, right? There are many reasons why you should incorporate one to your sex life, the first two being how it looks and how it feels. After using a clitoral pump, the vulva looks enlarged and the whole area will be more sensitive, which, as you can assume, is a very good thing.
Guide to Pussy & Nipple Pumps
As you may be aware, pussy pumps can come in many shapes and sizes (now, where have I heard that before?) and therefore, can be used in many different ways. Pumps are a great way to enhance sensations, because they stimulate the blood flow in certain erogenous areas.
Autumn's Bondage 101: Ultimate Guide to Clitoral Pumps
You may believe the notion of increasing the size of some body parts is exclusive to males. But, actually, many women seek to have a certain body part enlarged… A body part whose only role in the human body is to give pleasure…Yes, if you are thinking about the clitoris, you guessed right!
Clitoral Pump Safety First Guide
If you have never thought about using a clitoral pump before, it may be time to rethink that decision. It may seem something only women in porn do or something only people who are into medical play would do, but the don’t be fooled by appearances (in sex toys and life in general).
The Ultimate Guide to Clitoral Pumps
The purpose of a clitoral pump (also known as a pussy pump) is to enhance a woman’s pleasure by creating suction around the clitoris and labia for increased blood flow to the genitals. Things like poor diet and stress can limit proper blood circulation.

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