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Best Positions for Intense Clitoral Stimulation

For most women, if not all of them, clitoral stimulation is the only way to achieve orgasms. So, if you want to have a mind blowing orgasm, you need to do this. The clitoris is a small bud but it has a lot of nerve endings. No wonder, it feels so nice when it receives some attention. As science pointed out, its only purpose is to give pleasure wink*

Its location varies among women but usually it is between 2.4 to 4 centimeters away from the vaginal opening. Some positions will benefit you better than others. So yes, you will probably need to try a few of them to see what works best for you…remember you are doing it in the name of science and research, of course wink*

The pretzel position is a good way to stimulate the clitoris. Lay down on your back while your partner straddles you while moving on your legs on top of his hip. Beyond the thrusting motions, this position creates more friction so the two of you will be grinding against one another as the primary form of stimulation. You should know grinding is great for your clitoris! If you don’t feel the right amount of pressure just make your partner lean a bit back to have a better angle for grinding. Otherwise, he can lean forward and manually stimulate your clit.

The next position involves him sitting down at the edge of the bed or couch while you straddle him. In this case, you have two options. First you can stimulate yourself by hand. Second, you can get really close to him to be able to rub against his body as much as you want. If you are still not satisfied, put your full weight on him so you can lean back to get the clit stimulation you desire.

The missionary is also a good position to stimulate the clitoris. In this position, you can press down on his butt so his pelvic area presses down on your clitoris. It is a winning combination when accompanied by penetration. Just make sure he moves his body a bit lower every time so his pelvis and the base of his penis can stimulate your clitoris when he goes deeper.

If you like positions where your partner is behind you then the leap frog will be perfect for you. Assume a doggy style position with your butt up in the air and your head pressed to bed so your back is arched. While he is penetrating you, he can reach beneath you to stimulate your clitoris with his hands. He can also grind against you in circles since the in and out motion does not always hit the spot. By the way, this position is also great for g-spot stimulation.

While on the topic of the doggy style, you should know it is also great for clitoral stimulation. While he penetrates you vaginally or anally, depending on your preference, he can reach down and stimulate your clitoris since you won’t be able to do it (remember you will be supporting yourself with both hands). You can also make him lean over so his hand stays pressed against your clitoris. On the other hand, you can ask him to change the thrusting motion to grinding movements so you are able to stimulate yourself.

The om is another good position perfect for stimulating the clitoris. He will be seated in an Indian position while you straddle him and wrap your legs crossed behind his back. In this way, you will be able to really grind against one another making it easy for his pelvis and your clit to touch.


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