5 Reasons Why You Should Try Male Chastity

Chastity is when someone is being ordered to abstain from something sexual. It can be as simple as forcing a person to abstain from climax or get as complicated as stopping them from the arousal point.

In order to achieve chastity, most will have to use a special device known as a chastity device. Using a male chastity device is common in role play situations in which the male is the submissive and the dominant is a female, or Mistress.

But, why should you try male chastity? Well, there are a number of benefits to incorporating this into your role playing lifestyle. Here are five of the top ones:

1. Trust

While it may seem that someone taking away your ability to be aroused, have sex or climax is a sign of lack of trust; the opposite is true. Male chastity devices are more of a method of them controlling what happens and taking charge of your sexuality. But for the one that is wearing the device, it is a matter of trust. You are handing another person the most intimate part of your life. This trust will increase the bond between the dom and sub and further enhance the entire relationship.

2. Giving

How can someone taking away your potential to orgasm result in you learning to give? Well, it makes sense if you think about it. During sexual interaction with your partner you are unable to satisfy your own needs and desires. In fact, you are focusing all of your attention on pleasing your partner. This allows you to find the things that satisfy her the most and learn to perfect them. You are now giving your partner pleasure and that should become what is pleasing to you. A simple male chastity device will allow you to do that.

3. Longing

It seems as though wearing a male chastity device would leave you frustrated and irritable. But what truly happens is that you are building up a sexual tension that is preparing for the moment when it can be released. While you are learning to control your desires and your choice to act on them, once the option is available you will find the orgasm to be far more satisfactory than it might otherwise be.

4. Secrecy

Sometimes having our own dirty little secret is part of the fun. The beauty of male chastity devices are that no one will realize you are wearing one. Items such as an extended wear device can be worn underneath the clothing throughout an entire day regardless of where you are or what you are doing. It is possibly to attend work meetings and the only one understanding that you are bound into a male chastity device is you. This can be a turn on by itself and can lead to even more excitement throughout the day. This is then turned into more of the sexual tension that will be released at a later time.

5. Submission

The main purpose of the male chastity device is still among the top five reasons to use one. The goal is to submit and when you wear a device like this that is exactly what you are doing. Wearing a cock cage or something similar will allow you to submit your sexual satisfaction and orgasms to your partner. It is the ultimate way to surrender any control and participation in the sexual experience between the two of you. For anyone truly wanting the submissive experience, chastity devices are among one of the top ways to achieve this.

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