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Training Your Man With Chastity

Did I really suggest chastity as a way to train your man? Yes I did!

Actually chastity training is very common BDSM roleplay with a dominant and a submissive partner. It is used far more often when the submissive partner is a male, mainly because it is more effective.

In fact, chastity training is an excellent method of training for a male. Why? Because it is a known fact that men tend to think more on a physical level than an emotional one. When you use that physical level to help achieve a goal, you will be more successful in doing so. Simply appealing to the emotions of a man is often not going to work.

So what is chastity training and how do you accomplish it?

Well, it is exactly what it sounds like. Men are refused sex or other sexual gratification until they have learned the behavior that is expected of them. You just have to make sure that you handle it correctly. Here's a good bit of info on how you go about doing that.

  • The first and most important thing to know about chastity training or any other form of training is what are the expectations, punishments and rewards. Before you being anything, it is important to establish this. You can't expect him to learn what is and isn't allowed if he isn't told. You also can't expect him to work towards rewards and avoid punishments if he doesn't understand what any of it is. Have a talk. Let him know. Come to an agreement on what will and will not occur.
  • Actually, before that, the most important thing is consent. You both have to agree that this is what you want. While it may be possible to attempt to train a man without his approval, it will never fully be effective. So as you discuss the training process and all that it entails-- make sure that he is fully on board.
  • Devices are often used in the training process. A cock cage is one of the most common. There are multiple kinds that can prevent erection, touching and most definitely orgasm. While the cages and other devices are meant to be uncomfortable, they should not be painful. It is important to make sure that the device chosen fits properly and will still fit properly should arousal happen.
  • Rewarding a submissive partner during training is also imperative. The key to successful training is much the same as with children. If punishment is all that is received, they will eventually give up on doing what is expected. Make sure that you do reward him, show affection and give him appreciation for doing as you ask.
  • Allow an adjustment period. During this period build up the expectations one at a time. For example, the first time you may choose that your expectation is to refer to you a specific way. Make this clear. Share the rewards and punishments. Allow that to be absorbed then offer the next expectation. Perhaps to refrain from masturbation for a specific period of time. Introduce each expectation separately and allow a small period of adjustment. Once you have established the full chastity you can then expect complete adherence to your demands.

Training a man with chastity will not only teach him how to control his urges, it will enhance the sexual experience that the two of you share. He will learn that by pleasing you, he will in turn receive pleasure. It can be a great addition to your female led relationship.

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