How to Get the Most Out of a Male Chastity Device

Among kinky toys, male chastity devices are some of the most popular forms of sexual play and BDSM activities. Wearing a male chastity device has been known to heighten arousal and even prolong sex, allowing couples to enjoy each other’s bodies for much longer than they could otherwise. But if you’re just starting out with male chastity play, it can be difficult to figure out what kind of device to use or how to choose the right one for your needs.

Male Chastity Devices

Typically, male chastity devices are made up of three or four parts: rings for your penis and both testicles, an inner plate that goes against your body, and an outer cage that goes over everything. Some cages come with small holes where you can attach a padlock. It's important to choose a device that's comfortable and fits right so it won't be uncomfortable; having sex while wearing one will probably not feel very good for either partner if it's too tight. If you want something lighter than steel or if you plan on wearing one long-term (more than 30 days), consider silicone instead. You can use silicone lube with silicone cages without damaging them but you can't use water-based lube with non-silicone cages.

Types of Male Chastity Devices

There are three main types of male chastity devices: cock cages, chastity belts and orgasm denial devices. Cock cages are tight, lightweight tubes that fit over your flaccid penis like a sheath. Chastity belts, also known as full harnesses, come in many shapes and sizes. To work properly, they’re usually made for men who have already gone through puberty.

Tips for Choosing a Male Chastity Device

There are two major considerations when choosing a male chastity device. First, figure out how much time you’ll be spending in chastity and choose your device accordingly. For short-term play (say, one to three weeks), consider trying one of our basic devices, such as a metal cock cage or plastic CB6000s; for long-term wear (anything more than six months), get something heavier duty—like an acrylic cage with silicone parts. Second, think about what kind of stimulation you like: Some men prefer clear cages because they can still feel sensation through their penis, while others enjoy full enclosure. Once you’ve figured these things out, browse our top picks for finding your perfect device!

Finding Length

The diameter and length of your chastity device is very important. Selecting a chastity device that is too short can cause serious damage. You don’t want pinching or excessive discomfort. The most common male chastity devices we offer come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. To determine which size you need, measure from base to tip with an erect penis while flaccid for best results.

Positioning the Male Chastity Device Correctly

One common issue for men who try wearing a male chastity device is that it isn’t positioned correctly. It may be too high on his waist or simply not tight enough. This can lead to significant discomfort and, over time, may prevent him from being able to wear it for longer periods. If you have tried positioning it yourself but can’t seem to get it right, work with your partner in applying it. Doing so should help ensure that you place it correctly, which will make all of your play more effective.

What Is Locked Up?

The male chastity device is designed to let your partner control your penis. Your manhood is literally locked up behind bars, allowing you (or your Dom/Master) to focus on what really matters: pleasure. Not being able to have intercourse makes it hard for men in chastity devices finish. And that can be very frustrating! To get around that problem, all you need is some time and something called edging. Edging is when someone (the person wearing a male chastity device, his Mistress or Master) brings him almost but not quite to orgasm and then stops for an extended period.

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