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Smart Ways to Enjoy Male Chastity this Weekend


Online we see many stories and photos about chastity and denial. Tumblr has lots of photos with captions. The images of the gorgeous woman in a shiny rubber dress biting down on a tiny key talking about “how many weeks has it been?” It can fill a guy’s head with all kinds of fantasies, and that is fantastic! Such a thrilling idea, giving over control of your favorite “toy” and handing that special someone the key. But then it comes time to actually do the deed and the line between fantasy and reality gets a little weird and fuzzy. That’s what this piece of advice is all about. If there is anything that I understand about the topic of male chastity is that, just like everything in your relationships and sex lives, it is about what works for you (or rather the both of you) and not about a preconceived notion about what it should be.

I would suggest chastity to every single kinky guy that I’ve ever talked with or chatted with online. I wish I made a commission. For me, for my wife, it is a ton of fun. Lockup time, as she calls it, is a game for the both of us. When that lock goes click before she leaves for work, it means that I’m probably going to be spending the better part of the day thinking about all the ridiculous and kinky things that I want to do with her the moment she walks in the door. I know that I’m not going to be locked up for a year without an orgasm. In the worst-case scenarios, she will make me wait a day after a fun time of teasing and playing. Spending the day or a weekend in chastity is what I would absolutely suggest to any couple looking to try something new and different. Don’t let the internets fool you into thinking that you are all of a sudden going to have to give up orgasms and that your wife will become the cruel domme of your dreams!

As humans, we crave novelty. Try something new. It’s good for you. My suggestion is to try a weekend in chastity. Here are some thoughts and suggestions. Order a device that looks good to you. The sub-shop has a ton of things that are very, very affordable, even if you only use it for one weekend. Everything that I am writing is obviously from a male perspective. My wife and I have been married for five years and have been enjoying kink from pretty much the beginning. I believe this would all work equally as well with female chastity.

When it comes to the house, try it on, see how it fits, see how it feels. Metal will feel different than plastic or silicone. If you are brand new, I would suggest plastic or silicone as they give a little more. TAKE YOUR TIME. There will be instructions online. What’s probably going to happen is that you are going to get an erection. Walk it off, ice it down, whatever you need to do. Once you have it on, just leave it there for a little bit. If you put your pants back on, you are probably going to feel it against your jeans. It will feel weird and crazy at first. It’s all good! If you are doing this with your significant other, have her (or him) play with you a little. When you start getting really turned on, take it off, have a little fun together.

When Friday comes it will be the first real lock up. When you both get home from work/whatever, put your new device on, but go to the bathroom first. Don’t forget, you’re probably going to be sitting down to pee for the next two days! Let your significant other click the lock shut. If you are the “locker” make this fun, make it a big deal for your “lockee”. Then go do something completely mundane. Go take a trip to Target or the grocery store. As a guy who has been locked up, walking around is going to feel very odd and you might feel like people are staring at you or “they know”. They don’t. In your mind, you might be feeling like you’re wearing a neon sign saying, “MY DICK IS IN A SMALL CAGE!!” You’re not. You’ll be ok! If anything at all, you’ll look like you have a larger bulge.

When you get home, it is totally up to you both what to do next, but I would suggest again something mundane like a movie or TV. Sleeping will be challenging the first few nights, so in the spirit of having a super fun weekend, either leave it on, or take the thing off right before bed and put it on the moment you wake up. Chastity devices are supposed to be designed to keep you from being fully erect, so when that happens in the middle of the night, so you may experience some pressure or pain if you are wearing your device.

Saturday, do your thing, whatever that may be. When Saturday night comes, then its time for a little bit of play! My initial suggestion to both of you is that he should probably stay locked up the whole time into tomorrow. Let the desire build. That is a huge part of chastity play! Whatever kind of playtime you like to have, make it focused solely on the key holder. Can’t use your cock? Use your mouth! Make her orgasm like your life depended on it! My wife LOVES to use her Hitachi wand, if you have one, use it, if you don’t, that is another toy we would be highly suggest purchasing immediately. As a male at this point, you are going to be horny as all holy hell. You are going to want to take the device off. DON’T DO IT! It will be worth it at the end. As the key holder, don’t give in for this one time. You will give him something special Sunday.

At this point, if you have a strap on, this would be the time to bring it out. Many strap ons will fit above your device. Put it on, lube it up, and go to town. This evening is all about your key holder’s pleasure! Make them feel amazing. This is absolutely one of my favorite things to do while locked up. It is a mind-blowing feeling and experience. You might leak a little bit, so get a towel. Whatever you decide to do, just have fun. As the lucky locked up lover, you’ll just wait till tomorrow; again, it will be worth it.

Sunday is completely up to you both. You can wake him up with a lovely bj, or make him stay locked up until bedtime Sunday night. Whatever you do, give that man his release and a trophy, he just made it through a weekend of chastity.

There are plenty of other elements that you can add to your chastity experience based on your comfort level and your kink. Bondage, anal play, latex, femdom, whatever works for you. You will find that some chastity play can break up some monotony and add a new dimension to play time. I know I’ve said it several times, but whatever you decide to do, make sure you have fun with it. If you decide that you are a naughty boy and need to be locked up by your mistress 24/7/365, then go for it. But if you want to try it for fun on occasion, do it and enjoy a little locked up love.


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